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  1. Hi, Back to work I have some news for you! My news movie "Tomorrow the party is over" (The Story of world energy) is enter in final production. It include music from "Matthew Good - Champions of Nothing" You can view the project at: http://dawooxstudio.free.fr/ And follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DawooXSTUDIO The movie is due for a launch end of the year! Thanks!
  2. Hi, To Catchtheflow: I am currently working on video of formula one, but next i'll want to take time on Black helicopter, i have other project with Matthew Good's music with the song "Great Whales of the Sea", "Last parade" and "Empty's Theme Park" "House of Smoke and Mirrors"=> i have a good idea for this song, but don't have time now... and YES i know the movie I the throw away are very literal, next time i'll do my best!! thanks for support ;) David
  3. Hi, it's take 2 months, researching sources for this video take a long time... but the result is good !! ;) my website with a other movie: http://dawooxstudio.free.fr/
  4. Hi, I've released a Non oficial video clip for the song I The Throw Away you can view it on YoiTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTpsE7g7Xwo...be_gdata_player Thanks for comments
  5. If you bored of waiting this vid, you can view some video (Non oficial) of Matthew Good of my website and YouTube http://dawooxstudio.free.fr ;)
  6. oh no i missed it again. Could someone please PM me! Thanks a lot David
  7. for me Hospital Music: Champions of nothing WLRRR: Blue Skies Over Bad Lands Avalanche: Pledge of allegiance Audio of Being: Advertising On Police Cars Loser Anthems: Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance Beautiful Midnight: Giant Lo-Fi B-Sides: Fated Underdogs: Prime Time Deliverance Raygun: Haven't Slept In Years Romms: Generation X-wing Broken: South of Summer Euphony: Euphony In a coma: Pony Boy Last of The Ghetto Astronauts: Symbolistic White Walls
  8. dawoox

    New Song

    Hi Please Give me a chance to listen the new title, PM me Thanks a lot David
  9. Hi, i miss it again, can someone please send me !!! Matthew Good is not known in france!!! :angry: :angry: Im the only French here ;)
  10. The torrent link to donwload Big City Life i am the source please seed BIG CITY LIFE
  11. ok so cool but the link to donwload file is unvailable!!. someone can send the track please!!!! thank you
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