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  1. 1 everything is automatic 2 fated 3 Life Beyond the minimum safe distance( this is the best and most original matthew good song but near fantastica will probably win cause you guys are losers and why am i writing this) 4 giant
  2. 1)prime time 2) flashdance II 3)rat who would be king 4)sww i dont think suburbia is that great a song
  3. yeah i know meaning that hes only been here once
  4. 1-Rat 2-apparitions 3-my out of style is coming back 4-sort of a protest song 5-a long way down 6-hosam(2nd best song on avalanche) 7-flashdance 8-running for home 9-weapon
  5. Hey he's only been to newfoundland once so keep on waiting texas
  6. folk singer raygun oh be joyful sww xxx(album) invasion 1 jenni'song workers neither, they both suck
  7. Does anyone on the mghub have the big city life demo or is anyone willing to send it to me . thanks dawgs.
  8. 1)Middle Class Gangsters 2)Born To Kill 3)My Out Of Style is Coming Back 4)Agoraphobe 5) Fall Of Man 6)Prime Time Deliverance (rooms) 7)The War is over 8)In a world called catastrophe 9)Blue Skies Over Bad Lands (one of the only good songs on wlrrr)
  9. 1) Flashdance II 2)Rat Who Would Be King 3)Tripoli 4) If Birds Don't Fly Straight 5) Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 6)Man from Harold Wood 7)The Fine Art Of Falling Apart 8) A Better Pain 9) Four Minute Mile
  10. Hey I've Been Recording music for over a year now and i've been using Adobe Audition. I'm planning on buying a new laptop and i was wondering what would be the best laptop for music recording and what programs are best. Also I was wondering what all the other recorders here use for recording and what types of microphones and what other types of eqiupment they use. I'm currently going bare bones recording in my mic jack on my comp with a used audio-technica intrumental mic. Using a jack converter i bought from the dollar store. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I was Just Wondering if anybody had recorded the show last night and if they would be willing to post it
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