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  1. So it never showed up in the iTunes Store but it did show up on Apple Music (their subscription service) this morning. I would have expected it to be the opposite.
  2. Is there anywhere to purchase Suburbia in the U.S.? I don't even see digital pre-orders for the EP available anywhere (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon). Makes me curious if it will be even released tomorrow in the U.S.? Maybe I'm missing something... any help would be appreciated.
  3. Cool thanks! Gunna try to get there early, but you never know with the border.
  4. What time does Matt typically hit the stage? Ready for Hamilton tonight. :)
  5. the boy come home from mod club show is playing now. where the heck is all this stuff coming from.
  6. i'm thinking about going to the toronto show (live in buffalo here). if i end up getting a ticket, anyone interested in carpooling?
  7. when hospital music came out he played the CASBY's solo, right? now it'll be with a full band i'm assuming, which will be interesting. i want a buffalo, hamilton and toronto date. and i'll be going to all three. ;)
  8. as much as i'd like to vote for matt for artist and album of the year, to be honest, he/the album doesn't really deserve it. he's still my favourite artist of all time, but this year metric takes the cake on both counts. i'll vote for him next year once vancouver comes out.
  9. don't get me wrong, i still like the final product, but there were more guitars in the demo. i wish it made it into the final product. one thing i do like though is the drums in the break. overall it's good and i'm excited to hear it mastered and at full quality. now my curiousity is piked to see how different the studio versions are from the demos. there were some minor changes from this demo (removal of guitars mostly), so we'll see how the others turn out. the oct release date is disappointing. it should be july. i know it wasn't his call and i really respect matt trying to he
  10. i hope he plays town ballroom. it's one of my favorite venues.
  11. giant is amazing. new songs rotated on the player.
  12. first 10 tracks available on itunes oct 7... i wonder if it's just canada or if it's also u.s.
  13. i'm sure the show will have to be a double disc album because of length. i'm excited. i just hope it hits iTunes U.S. and not just Canada. regarding the ad... can someone scan it or somethin?
  14. show was awesome. so many highlights. 99% of us is failure was awesome. the new full-band apparitions was awesome. black helicopter was awesome. pretty much everything was awesome. the lead guitarist really was utterly fantastic. the drummer was solid. the bassist was boring. crowd was awesome.
  15. would you care to explain your reason for this post? thx.
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