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  1. Halifax set list (order is pretty close but not 100% sure it is exact): Bad Guys Win Load Me Up Decades Men At The Door Strange Days Something Like A Storm Born Losers Apparitions Future is X-Rated Weapon Giant Matt did come back for one song of the encore with OLP - Hello Time Bomb. Raine sang lead vocals. Messed up a lot of the lyrics but they had a ton of fun and it really showed. Pretty good overall.
  2. Yeah for me it was definitely missing MGB perform. All of his shows where I grew up were 19+ and I was just too young. I think I was 17 when he played Edgefest right after that band broke up and this was the first time I saw him live. Was dope hearing all those reworked tunes though! I still love that version of Symbolistic White Walls. I also regret missing Arrows of Desire tour. This might be my favourite MG(B) album.
  3. I can't find anything online that supports this but going from memory, I think Matt created Darktown and was going to release Underdogs under this label prior to brokering the deal with Universal?
  4. Man I'm so jealous of everyone going to the MG & Midnight Oil shows. Wish I could swing travelling to one but a little hard on the budget. I bet these will be great shows though.
  5. I've been collecting causally but for a long time - probably since Audio of Being came out. I have all major CD releases and/including: Both label releases of LOTGA the 3 variants of Beautiful Midnight and Audio of Being Limited Edition AOB w/ booklet US Beautiful Midnight blue and orange Loser Anthems lo-fi b-sides A number promo versions of BM (Canadian, US, Australian, European) Promo Avalanche Promo WLRRR For singles: Rico Apparitions Indestructible (2) Hello Time Bomb (2) Hello Time Bomb (Aus) Hello Time Bomb (US) Strange Days (US) Load Me Up (both versions) Anti
  6. I love the diversity of Matt's albums since he went solo; we get to have really cool discussions about which parts of his work we're most drawn to. I was surprised to see how many people aren't that into WLRRR - it's one of my favourites. There aren't any songs that I really dislike but agree with a few mentions already. My most frequently skipped are probably: Song For The Girl Little Terror Kid Down The Well
  7. I was really hoping to hear "Decades" but it wasn't played in Halifax. Ah well, I've never been disappointed by an MG album and I'm sure I'll hear it soon enough if the album is releasing this year.
  8. I used to post quite a bit but stuck to mostly popping on occasionally and lurking. I'm in Halifax though and the show was great! Anyone else catch the show? If anyone is wondering, encore was: A Single Explosion Born Losers Apparitions Weapon
  9. You won't be able to hear anything other than the latest thing he uploaded if you sign up today. It seems he pretty much removes his demos as he uploads new files.
  10. Following now, Owen! Good luck with the business.
  11. A part of the guitar solo in Us Remains Impossible reminds me of Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" every time I hear it. Just felt like throwin' that out there.
  12. I mainly just hope the 7-9 songs from his back catalouge aren't just singles. Obviously Hello Time Bomb, Weapon, Strange Days, and Apparitions will be played so there's really only 3-5 tunes that could be non single tracks from previous releases. And even then I'm sure Born Losers will be a staple in the setlist as well. Don't get me wrong, I really like these songs and they're always wicked live but it would be really cool to hear more than one or two of some of your favourites from previous releases. I'm sure this will still be an awesome show though. I've been trying to refrain from
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