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  1. Anyone ever notice when you put the tranparency over the brown cover it goes black and white?
  2. Anyone have the internet presale code for the Vancouver show?
  3. Well, it's a gamble. I can see sales increasing as the yuppies buy them up because they are trendy, and now with the windows os easy to get into. And I can see Apple losing thier niche and identity, thus less sales to the hc mac users. I don't see one being able to run XP without OSX, maybe it's a shot to get people in and show them the "superiority" of OSX, especially if they make boot camp crashy. Money hungry bastards, more likely. ;)
  4. That quote is solid gold. I hereby request permission to steal it.
  5. Googlism for: cat sex cat sex is not all that great cat sex is rough cat sex is just around the corner cat sex is tough cat sex is too much
  6. Pudding for everyone! And GOOD LUCK, even if you don't need it.
  7. I lit my elementary school on fire by accident. I got away with it, I don't see why you couldn't. 2 exams done, 1 to go. Tomorrow. I better get back to studying.
  8. Thanks!... but I already have a stereo rip. Wire Tap Pro <3. Edit: I'll donate it to the store, if requested. ;)
  9. LOL. Damn I was just gonna post that!
  10. What more do you expect from a demo? I imagine Mr.Good did this on Garageband, *e-props* because it's hard enough to get it to sound like this!
  11. When I don't shave and I kiss my girlfirend, she gets a red moustache. It's ugly. One of those people who bruises/get's red really easy. So yeah, it tickles.
  12. Click for bigger THE SETUP: Ampeg SVT G&L L2000 Sorry about the crappy photo, I boycotted digicams last year. This year I bought a cameraphone.
  13. Well I doubt I'm going to win. GravityDave spent $162US on it, so I imagine it's going to go up much, much, higher. I have x-mas presents to buy!
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