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  1. Fair enough, I bought it digitally also so im missing the liner notes. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hi Everyone, Im not a big poster but Ive been listening to Matts whole career since raygun, so I would tend to think I can make out what hes saying a bit better than your average listener. The Lyrics that have been posted for Us Remains Impossible are just atrocious! Ive done up my own version and Im wondering how I would go about submitting them for the section on the site. Any help is appreciated. Nick
  3. Playing: The Cure - Open (fix mix) [06m 56s/128Kbps/44KHz/Stereo] Position: [00m 00s]
  4. you should get the original...12" version... imo 311 ruined it.
  5. LOL I was going to comment on the offtopicness of my post. Oh well, if you wanna talk about audio gear you could add me on MSN. Otherwise, nice gear, my 1st real speakers were Paradigm Studio/100s, on an oldish Onkyo A-8150 with an original SL1200.
  6. that looks fucking amazing! Ill definately have to pick it up now... and thinking back to the length of the album i guess 2x 12" @ 33rpm makes sense. Nice to see someone else around here who knows about Vinyl. Btw, what turntable is that in the pic? and what do you listen with? amp/speakers etc. Nick
  7. ahh ic, so a 12" pic disc with a holographic sleeve. Still ill bet the audio quality alone is worth the purchase...wait is it 2x 12" with 45rpm sides? or 1x 12" 33rpm? If its 1x 12" like disintegration was i doubt the narrow grooves sound good at all. ;)
  8. does the actual vinyl or just the sleeve have the holographic treatment? I might actually pick that up now...
  9. yeah mp3s + videos im just under 20gb of cure stuff...I guess thats a bit overboard lol.
  10. if the video file isnt PLAYING you should google for quicktime alternative... or click this link I googled for. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/QuickT...Alternative.htm This will install the files you need to play the video. Nick
  11. Ive heard about this...but ive yet to see any pics. How did the hologram thing turn out? As for cds, depends on my mood really. In no particular order: The Cure - Wish The 1st leaked disc of In A Coma for the songs I hadnt already heard Atmosphere - You Cant Imagine How Much Fun Were Having Aphex Twin - Analord 1-11 annnnd Enduser - Run War
  12. hmmm... heres what the link downloads for me. http://s38.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1B3LPJV...WP39KIMMU0UY8BS
  13. http://inacoma.ca/media/video/rabbits_320.mov Try that, and if you dont have Quicktime installed google for Quicktime Alternative. Juggaho
  14. Hey, just wanna say thanks to worldofnoise for the torrent, 250kb/sec on the down, and ill most definately be seeding!
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