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  1. demoing/ed... may not be in the dictionary... but they are very much words... a form on slang... but a commonly used word (s)... i'm actually curious.... what's do you call it when a band is in a studio recording song for their "demo" i'm not trying to be snotty either... i'm just trying to share the knowledge... who cares about the spelling mistakes.. really... ;)
  2. it is actually limited.... so get em while you can!
  3. it has nothing to do with whether you made a bad comment about matt... if you don't like the video... then oh well... we're all very excited about the album and the dvd .... and a lot of people acutally have fun looking for easter eggs.... sure, go ahead tell people.... but don't ruin it for EVERYBODY... it's a happy day today.... ;)
  4. they're pretty funny... i think my favorite part is ... " let's sit back and soak in the suck " in SWW... nearly fell off my chair laughing.... brilliant!
  5. you can browse to it.... it's pretty funny once you realize where it is...
  6. AWESOME!!!! it's wicked... the liner notes are cool too... they're written by his a&r guy... i am sooo happy to finally get it! i love the making of rooms the more i watch it... it's cool to see matt recording and stuff... has anyone watched the thing with all the pics in it yet... i think it's called slides... those photos are awesome!
  7. i just picked mine up this morning... well worth the wait for Rabbits... and uh yeah... it is really easy to miss!!! Generation X-Wing rocks!!! The fucking artwork is amazing... i love the dvd menus too... they're creepy in a way.... the making of rooms is cool too... ahhh *sigh* of relief...
  8. here ya go guys... tell me if this link works for you.... my brother taught me how to see where the page is coming from.... http://inacoma.ca/media/video/rabbits_320.php
  9. do you guys have quicktime 6 or 7? i'm starting to think you need quicktime 7... i hate being a nerd...
  10. really?! there's a shit load of stuff on there... i had a problem with the slideshow from the making of rabbits.. i need to get flash... you can't even watch the load me up clip? crap! ;)
  11. i wish there was more we could see... oh well, 3 more sleeps and i can watch the whole thing....
  12. ummm.. has anyone else seen the clip of rabbits on inacoma?
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