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  1. I always thought it was "I've got a machine that only takes quarters, you ain't so tough, you ain't so tough."
  2. There's nothing like waiting for the bus on a desolate road at 5 in the morning and listening to them. Makes you feel like the apocolypse has happened in your sleep and only you and the bus driver exist. But in all seriousness, I'm a huge fan. Their diversity is insane. I don't even know where to start on all the other bands made up of these guys that are just plain amazing.
  3. 1. Folk Singer 2. Lullaby for a New World Order 3. Oh Be Joyful 4. Parable 5. The Future is X-Rated (BM) 6. Change of Season 7. Jenni's Song 8. The Ocean 9. North American for Life (original)
  4. All I have to say is: THE MATRIX. The original one wasn't bad, the concept was great and visually it looked good (I can overlook the fact that it had Keanu... for now) BUT As for the two abominations that followed: What do random 'resistance rave parties' and sex scenes with... uggggg... his bare ass have to do with anything? I'm traumatized for life! Another decent movie ruined by throwing in needless explosions, sex, and a bunch of sappy acting that completely covers up the orinal idea of the film! Whatever happened to plot??
  5. Everytime they come on the radio in the mall where I work or some fast food place or in a car, I want to repeatedly bash a brick into my face until my skull shatters and shards of it sever the nerves to the part of my brain that interprets sound.
  6. I saw Sybolistic White Walls on Going Coastal on Much Music at my friend's house (who lived in the town and had cable OoooOOOoOOOoo) way back when it was first put out and I was only like 10. I loved all his stuff from then on out and bought Underdogs as my first CD a few years later when my dad bought our first CD player (heheh three cheers for being a hick and behind the times)
  7. I'd have to say that the WORST openeing band for him was back five years ago or so when he played Red Deer. Copyright. It was terrible! They never even finished thier set, they were laughed right off the stage. The guy singing was strutting around like he was Mic Jagger with down syndrome and no one in the crowd was even moving other than to boo them. Not to mention Treble Charger was the follow up opener. It was painful. So Auf Der Maur wasn't the worst opener I've seen. They were just bad whereas these guys were horrible.
  8. I didn't know that the white one was rare... I have two, one signed, one sealed (and the black and grey ones)
  9. 1. Antipop 2. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 3. Everything is Automatic 4. Man of Action 5. Bright End of Nowhere 6. Advertising on Police Cars (original) 7. 21st Century Living 8. Bluebird 9. Near Fantastica
  10. 1. Hello Time Bomb (original) 2. Radio Bomb 3. Vermillion 4. Load Me Up 5. Flight Recorder from Viking 7 6. Big City Life 7. Avalanche 8. Dancing Invisable 9. Downloading Blues
  11. I'm not going to interpret it but, remember the story in ALTINLTS about National Geographic? Tripoli's mentioned in that.
  12. I used to kind of like Good Charlotte. I'm going to invent a time machine just to go back in tome and hit my past self in the face with a large brick.
  13. 1. Second Sun 2. Euphony 3. Generation X-Wing (original) 4. Suburbia 5. Sort of a Protest Song 6. A Boy and His Machine Gun 7. The Bombmaker 8. Truffle Pigs (original)
  14. I always liked the song I Hope You Die, because it was funny and it must have taken alot of effort to write such confusing lyrics. I mean, in the end everything comes back to the starting point. It's actually got a pretty funny punch line. But I guess it's also not a song about "doing it" or vaginas so that might be why that's the only one I like.
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