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  1. Anyone heading to Bluesfest tonight? I think Moonlight is on the fence about it. If anyone is heading down and wants to grab a beer, let me know!
  2. According to local Ottawa souces, Matt will be playing Bluesfest in Ottawa this year! For a complete listing of scheduled bands/artists - http://ottawastart.blogspot.ca/2013/02/heres-official-line-up-announcement-for.html Seeing as this is in my backyard, there's a strong chance I'll be there. It's nice to see a lot more rock acts scheduled for this year; the electronic thing was getting overdone.
  3. I was closer to the right-hand side of the stage. I really enjoyed when the crowd messed up the lyrics to Load Me Up, and the laughter that ensued. Did you happen to take any pictures?
  4. Thanks for the proper setlist Margaret! By the way, did the guy in the big pink bunny suit make his way near you?
  5. Holy Crap! What an awesome night at Folk Fest with Matt Good! I hope Moonlight was able to make it, because the set was unreal! Something awesome about just Matt and an acoustic guitar. I can't really remember the set, but I'll write out what I can recall (definitely not in order): Born Losers Metal Airplanes Load Me Up Strange Days While We Were Hunting Rabbits 99% Of Us Is Failure Suburbia Alert Status Red Avalanche Generation X-Wing Apparitions True Love Will Find You In The End I know I'm missing at least 2 songs, one of which was a cover that I don't think I've heard b
  6. Matt Good was revealed to be on the list of people playing the Ottawa Folk Festival. Looks like Matt is playing on Thursday, September 6, from 8-9:30PM. If I'm in the area, I'll make the trek out. Anyone else planning on seeing this show?
  7. AMAZING pictures! Congratulations for Matt putting them up as well!
  8. I'm definitely down for a CD exchange. I'd love to hear what other people like, and pick up on some new bands. Plus, I feel like I have some lesser-known bands that others may enjoy.
  9. Are you sure? I might have been on less than an hour of sleep, but I don't recall that song at all.
  10. How did you enjoy the show? I was in the 4th row as well, closer to the left side.
  11. Definitely excited for the Ottawa show Friday night! Regardless of the setlist, I am looking forward to hearing the new album live.
  12. Personally, I don't think that you have to worry. My ticket is for the 28th of October, and I just received it on the 12th of October. That's just under 3 weeks away. I would wait until at least the 25th of October until you are somewhat concerned about your ticket. You've placed your order, you will receive it in a timely manner.
  13. Just received my VIP package in the mail for the Ottawa NAC show. Definitely looking forward to hearing some songs off the new record live. Can't wait until the 28th!
  14. What are you looking for? I've always enjoyed Matthew Barber If you want something spacey and ambient looking into Eluvium or Library Tapes Bon Iver's newest album has really grown on me. If you're into Folk-ish/Punkish music, grab some Frank Turner. "Poetry of the Deed" and "Love, Ire & Song" are great albums IMO The Arkells album "Jackson Square" is still in my CD player after all this time.
  15. I bit the bullet and just ordered my VIP ticket.
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