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  1. *Bump* Didn't think it would be so hard offloading tickets at face value. Either way, tickets are still available and I'll still sell them for $40 each - below face value.
  2. Tickets still available. Email me if you're interested: mgb.rob@gmail.com
  3. The two tickets are still available if there are any takers. It's still early on but if anyone wants a pair of seats with a good view I'm still trying to offload them. Again...selling for less than I paid for them. $80 for two tickets. Right now the entire orchestra section is sold out. The only side by side tickets still for sale at The Vogue are row 6 seats 101 and 102....so as far left as possible.
  4. I have two tickets for Matt's December 3rd show that I bought in a pre-sale frenzy. They're aisle seats (seats 104 and 105) for row 2 of the Dress Circle - nearly centered with the stage. It looks like the balcony hangs over part of the floor level, so you're getting a great view of the band up high and equivalent to the Orchestra section's row 12 I managed to snag 2 tickets for row 1 during the official sale, so now my two Row 2 tickets are up for sale. Currently, the best available seats at The Vogue are a few rows back in the 4th row. I'm willing to sell my two tickets for $80 flat - meaning I'm selling them at a loss since I also paid service fees. I paid $101. I haven't picked up the tickets from the box office yet; so, if there are any concerns about the tickets being real etc, I can meet at The Vogue and hand over the tickets after picking them up. PM me here or feel free to email me at mgb.rob@gmail.com for arrangements.
  5. If anyone's interested, I have two extra tickets to the December 3rd Vancouver show at the Vogue. They're Row 2 in the Left Dress Circle. They're aisle seats on the furthest right hand side of the section. I'm wiling to sell them minus the fees...so $80 flat for the two tickets.
  6. It looks like the Vancouver presale is up and running. I cycled through the various seats. It looks like the closest seats in the Orchestra levels are in row 14/15. Dress Circle seems to be limited to rows 2 and backwards...no luck getting row 1. Crossing my fingers those row 1 dress circle tickets open up when tickets officially go on sale tomorrow.
  7. Just tinkering with the Vogue's online site for both Vancouver shows. It accepts the promo code endangered, but it lists the show as sold out already...before and after the promo code is entered. Maybe it's just a glitch until tickets officially go on sale on he 8th? Has anyone successfully pre-ordered tickets?
  8. Maybe someone "in the know" can clarify the Vancouver concert sale dates. The Ticketmaster websites says Thursday September 17 http://www.ticketmaster.ca/Matthew-Good-ti...s/artist/730038 "• Nov • 9 Mon The Centre In Vancouver For Performing Arts Vancouver, BC 07:30 PM Matthew Good More Info
  9. How does someone access the lounge? Is it a case where you have to hit a certain amount of posts? Anyway. If anyone else out there doesn't have access to the lounge....and you missed out....well send a PM my way.
  10. The song's down, but if someone wants it I can upload a copy to a free file server....if that doesn't go against some sort of rule here anyway.
  11. Did anyone get decent seats with the Vancouver pre-sale?
  12. I could have sworn Matt was a bit tipsy for his show. He slurred a lot of his words, shuffled around on stage, and even messed up a few songs to the point of stopping himself in the middle of Black Helicopter. Still a good show. Just funny he might have indulged a bit too much in the wine even while on stage.
  13. That's what I figured. There were 10,000 in production, or so I think, so it seems extremely doubtful they're that rare. I think I'll be leaving mine in the mess of my closet.
  14. Well, finding it would be a good start. But the CD itself wasn't scratch free. Not enough to harm playback, but not perfect nonetheless. The casing and liner were still in good shape though. I'll post pictures and possibly an auction if I can find the thing.
  15. There's a demand for the regular Loser Anthems? ;) I have one kicking around. But it's in pretty rough shape.
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