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  1. Two things I'd like to address. 1) The Sault Ste. Marie show wasn't actually closed campus, they were letting anyone 19+ or students under 19 in. 2) I have a signed copy of the setlist from the SSM show if you'd like me to post it/a picture.
  2. I really like what he's done with Black Helicopter (it sounds different from the version I have). Also, Champions = oh my god good.
  3. It sounds great, I like it.
  4. juniorspank

    Cd Cover

    I like White Light as well. Hey Geoff.
  5. I can do some things in a nice small Northern Ontario city, haha.
  6. I want to get a Macbook but they're so much pricier than a normal laptop.
  7. I enjoy their different sound. The singer has a wonderfully unique voice. I suggest getting the following: - Of Angels And Angles - The Mariner's Revenge Song - Eli, The Barrow Boy If you like those, get their whole CDs.
  8. Apparently he did well in the musical "The Boy from Oz".
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