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  1. Christ, that's a big time miss by whoever was project managing the pressing. I know in the past labels have replaced LP's for fuck ups like this, you may want to bend some ears to see if you can get them to fix it on their dime. It's a bit of a pain for the consumer, as you usually have to file a claim and wait for the new disc to ship, which can take months, but it's better than being stuck with an incomplete representation of your work. Didn't open my copy of LOTGA yet and will have to consider sending it back to Amazon now that I know they botched that aspect. Will wait to hear if you get any answers.
  2. We also don't know when they started the process for the back catalog releases. It's quite possible that they were supposed to come out earlier but also faced delays that we're not privy to. Either way, I'm pretty hopeful they'll be largely on target since they announced them in close connection to the projected release date.
  3. Great catch -- and for the record (no pun intended), I am thrilled that this is happening and already placed an order for the entire first wave. It came out to be slightly cheaper with shipping to the US on Amazon.
  4. No WLRRR? Disappointing as that's the album that has an a real vinyl-era sound. We already had warnings about Audio of Being not being in the mix. Surprised they didn't go for Loser Anthems or Lo-Fi, but maybe there's plan for a second wave should this go well.
  5. I wonder if the issue is the number of 6+ minute songs on that album. Or if he was hoping to add in some of the session stuff like Pony Boy and All Together. Though as I look at it, assuming he's mastering for 33 1/3 RPMs, it shouldn't be a problem since 20 minutes per side is typically the advised limit. Here's how it would breakdown according to the song times on wikipedia. Even if he added in bonus tracks, there's no way that runs more than 3 LPs. LP 1 Side A (Runtime: 15:56) "Man of Action" – 7:01 "Carmelina" – 4:16 "Tripoli" – 4:39 Side B (Runtime: 15:04) "Advertising on Police Cars" – 7:08 "I, the Throw Away" – 3:09 "Truffle Pigs" – 4:47 LP 2 Side C (Runtime: 16:22) "The Fall of Man" – 5:03 "Under the Influence" – 4:32 "The Rat Who Would Be King" – 6:47 Side D (Runtime: 16:02) "Anti-Pop" – 4:08 "The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production" – 5:21 "Sort of a Protest Song" – 6:33 I'd happily pay more for AoB if that's what it takes to get it pressed.
  6. Giant, Suburbia, Truffled Pigs, and Born Losers have been the ones that seem to stick out for my friends when they first hear them. The kind of tracks that you stick on a playlist or mix cd and they double back to ask you where you found it.
  7. It's been off Spotify in the US for at least a month now as well. Very weird, maybe there was a licensing conflict with some of these streaming sites.
  8. This would be great news. I hope Matt took the comments about crowd funding and remastering for vinyl to heart. There is absolutely a market for this, and it can help negate any financial risk he might need to incur to take this project on and do it right.
  9. I'd love to hear how it sounds when you get a chance to spin it. How's the sleeve? I assume it's not a gate fold since it's a single LP.
  10. So did these ever go out? The page still indicates it's for pre-orders, with the same estimated ship date of 11/12. Meanwhile, Amazon.ca has it listed as November 25th. I have to wonder what the source of this series of delays has been... I feel like Matt has been missing on a lot of potential sales by not having these in hand for the tour.
  11. Well that's annoying, especially since they can't provide a solid window for fulfillment. Hopefully outside retailers will get their allotment around the same time.
  12. Too early to draw too many insights from the set list. The band will mix different songs in throughout the tour and likely add a few old ones into the rotation once they have more off days to work through additional songs.
  13. He's never played Man of Action live before, correct? I'd hop on a plane to any show just to hear that.
  14. Matt seemed to indicate in the stream thread that the 2 disc euro version would be getting pressed to vinyl as well. He may have misspoke, given that I don't know how economical a vinyl run of that nature would be for him, but I would certainly pay to import it.
  15. Not to my knowledge, and I'm actually quite thankful for that. It would be to cool to hear them now that the record is out -- but I think getting them prior to release in the past has unfairly colored how people approach the songs and how they felt about the finished product. Your initial exposure to a song often becomes your reference point, so people had a tendency to nitpick production choices or changes that they probably would have been fine with otherwise.
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