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  1. Thanks all! I appreciate the help. I also had 'A Pleasurable Headache', forgot what it was called. So it seems like what I was thinking of maybe really was somehow my own invention, but all of this was cool anyway, haven't looked through the album in over a decade. I love how he/they used to sneak in little easter eggs all over the place. The writing on the Beautiful Midnight cover and the poem at the back of the Avalanche lyrics come to mind too. Thanks again!
  2. Hi All, I have a pretty obscure question regarding the packaging for The Audio of Being (CD). Many moons ago when I bought it (it was the one with that cool lyrics booklet and art, not sure if that was standard or a special version), I remember there being some part of the packaging that included one line from each song on the album -- usually one that stood out quite a bit for one reason or the other. I recall 'The Fall of Man' being "You pray for the sheep", for example. Anyway, it had one of those lines for each song. I don't think it said which song each was from, but just had 12 lines total. But I have no idea what part of the packaging it was -- its not in the lyrics booklet and I never found it again, which makes the whole thing really strange to me, since it means I likely threw it out somehow. There is also an above 0% chance this never existed and I somehow invented it along the way, but it has stuck with me for so many years that I thought I would see if any of you could help or if this sounds even vaguely familiar to any of you. Thanks so much!
  3. arguably the greatest band alive right now. id be comfortable saying spencer krug is the best musician canada has right now
  4. awesome, thanks! any clue why its been removed from youtube? (the other mg vids seem to be there)
  5. this may sound crazy, but as i tried to watch the music video for apparitions on youtube, i was confused when it didnt show up. i tried in google , and it seems to have vanished from the internet entirely. even on this site the link no longer seems to play. any ideas whats going on or am i just nuts? ok, found it here: http://videosift.com/video/Matthew-Good-Band-Apparitions but to be fair it s still very hard to find and no longer on youtube...
  6. Thanks Ricardo! Who - pm me your email me and I can send it to you.
  7. Hey All, About a year ago or so, the ongoing history of new music did a 2 parter on matt good (called 'in his own words' or something to that effect). I have the first part (and would be happy to share it), wondering if anyone has part 2? I've scoured the web without much luck, hopefully one of you has it somewhere? Thanks friends!
  8. 'us remains impossible' is getting pretty regular rotation on 'the edge' in toronto, and is #23 on its 'thursday 30' countdown.
  9. 1) avalanche 2) sort of a protest song 3) suburbia 4) near fantastica 5) weapon
  10. 1) fine art 2) prime time 3) tripoli 1) 99% 2) rorschach
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