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  1. Ryan44


    my dream is i came back to the bored for right now.
  2. i hear they are up for some awards. along with fallout boy, for shittiest band ever.
  3. way to go. i would do the same. get someone who can find it fast do it! alright. u are a true man.
  4. dont wanna be a jerk, but they changed their name months ago due to leagal issues, and there was a thread somewhere.
  5. who cares anymore jay. you oculd kick our asses anyways. excpet i think i could hold my own, until we started to fight.
  6. ya see with u kev, is your posts come in bunches. its like a freaking flood. i try to get ahead, then POOF one day u make up for everything i did in one week.....*shakes fist* but no hard feelings. i will admit defeat. to a worthy adversary
  7. the theme song is great. You Know My Name - Chris Cornell. check it out
  8. http://www.hpana.com/news.19673.html this is a 4 minute thing on it. its pretty good
  9. Home - Collective Soul with the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra. all their hits with an orchestral twist. just like that metallica one. this cd is really good.
  10. Samick Corsair Black Bass Guitar -2 pick ups -only used for 5 months -4 string Crate BT25 Amp combo -tuner built in -i cant rememerb how many watts, but im pretty sure 250. 20ft Cable Strap Music Centre Canada Bag anyone interested. pm me for price.
  11. exciting. when will it come out.
  12. what the hell is a donkey show.
  13. umm ya the only good tihng is calgary is sait. u of c is a piece, and the college is worse than jr.high
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