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  1. Ya I was pleasantly surprised with the Hamilton audience. They were very receptive when he was talking. The last time I saw Matt in Hamilton was during the acoustic tour and alot of people were shouting out during the entire show. I was hoping he would've talked a little bit more too, maybe another story or something, but the entire show was great! I personally think the Hospital Music songs are coming across even better this tour than last, obviously since the band is more familiar with them, but the added bonus of the band on backing vocals has added a nice touch!
  2. The banter at the Hamilton show was pretty good....he didn't talk alot (not compared to some shows) but he was clearly in a good mood. He told a funny story about St. John's Ambulence/opening for The Who which was funny. He also mentioned about being sick. All in all the banter was good and the audience was good too!
  3. Hamilton setlist in order: Empty's Theme Park Boy who could explode Load me up/Love will tear us apart Great whales of the sea Born Losers I'm a window Silent army in the trees Black helicopter Last Parade The future is x-rated Apparitions Weapon Encore: Vancouver national anthem Us remains impossible Odette Unfortunately this was my one and only show of the tour. Like many on this board I usually catch multiple shows but this time around I just wasn't able to. The show was brilliant! Empty's was just as amazing as people have been saying it is and I was VERY impressed with The future is x-rated! I've seen Matt about 18 - 19 times and this was the first time I've ever seen it live and it blew me away. The set closer of weapon was also stunning! Album quality for sure! I'm sure many will comment about Odette being the closer but I thought it fit perfectly with the vibe of the show and ended it great. I'm always amazed by Matt's vocal abilities, especially since I've seen him a number of times when he has been ill. He still amazes me with his range and the strength of his voice even when he is under the weather. Cheers to another great performance.
  4. The only thing that I can think of regarding the St. Catharines set is that the day before in Barrie there was a fight during Everything is Automatic. Maybe Matt was concerned that something might start up during it in St. Catharines since a few people started to "mosh" during 99% of Us is Failure...odd song to mosh during so maybe he could feel that building and thought not to play it. Just a thought though.
  5. St. Catherine's setlist: Giant Hello Time Bomb Single Explosion Odette Born Losers The Devil
  6. Hamilton set list: Giant Hello Time Bomb Single Explosion Odette Born Losers The Devil
  7. There was a camera set up on the floor level at the back, but there is usually a camera set up in that spot for every show I've ever seen at Massey Hall, so I think that might be for the archives or whatever. I don't think the show was being recorded on video (but I could be wrong), just the audio. I think if it was being recorded on video there would have been more cameras for different angles, not just the one set up at the back.
  8. lap steel was used on Blue Skies and on the full band version of Apparitions. Hope that helps ;)
  9. For those that were wondering, I asked Matt if he was going to be recording the show when I saw him at Edge 102 and he said that they WERE going to be recording it. Although that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be releasing it, however after the amazingly solid performance I can't see why not! Setlist was: Champions Of Nothing A Single Explosion Odette Weapon The Devil's In Your Details Hello Time Bomb Born Losers Load Me Up Put Out Your Lights Blue Skies Over Bad Lands Black Helicopter I'm A Window 99% Of Us Is Failure Apparitions Encore 1: Giant Avalanche She's in it for the money Everything is automatic Encore 2 (acoustic): Strange days True love will find you in the end Matt came on stage at 9pm and finished at 11pm. Solid 2 hour set!
  10. Very good point made! I agree completely.
  11. Just to clarify for you: Matt didn't actually "take a request" to play Apparitions, he was being sarcastic as it was clearly on the setlist at that point of the show anyway. I found it rather idiotic that people felt the need to yell out for it personally, as its clearly gonna get played. I wondered if the people that yelled out for it were just being cheeky or if they actually thought that he played it b/c THEY "requested" it.
  12. Set List for tonight was: 1. Girl Wedged
  13. Wow, I really hope that the article was supposed to be humourous and sarcastic, because by the sounds of it this guy wasn't at the same show as most of us! He clearly did not understand Matt's sarcasm and humour throughout his show and seems hell bent on portraying Matt in a negative light. I hope this gentleman is able to appreciate that many of the jokes that Matt tells are the same (or similar) from show to show and that its pretty much a "comedy" routine and not an "asshole" routine that is occuring between songs. I can't believe that he took the things that Matt was saying between songs in Toronto seriously and could not see the sarcasm. Should a person lacking this much insight and judgement really be writing articles that the public read?
  14. I saw a camera guy from CTV at the back on the floor so I assume video portions were taped maybe for use in an upcoming interview? But Duncan from Our Lady Peace was recording audio. I would assume that this will likely be for a future release of the acoustic tour.
  15. From memory in order: Girl Wedged
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