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  1. Matthew good and his band are playing at Ottawa bluesfest, early july - i cant get the exact date, the website is being swamped!!!
  2. mself084

    Matts Bus?`

    i see that mental tag alot around ottawa... its not specific to matt. i wonder what the rest of the stuff said.
  3. hahaha yeah man that chick was really weird. she kept putting her hands in the air when she (i think) recognized a song was matt was playing. it was annoying. the girl seemed kind of out of it...she was wearing a back-less shirt and no shoes, too.
  4. thanks for the setlist! matt was pretty tanked on stage... that kind of surprised me. the banter was great... like whistling to his sound guy to bring him more wine, and the stuff about michael jackson.
  5. tonights concert = awesome. suburbia acoustic is awesome. in sum: concert was awesome.
  6. I'm going to the MG show in Ottawa this thursday, and unfortunately I have to work afterwords ;) My boss wants to know what time I will be in. How long have some of the other concerts lasted? Doors are at 7pm here in O-town, if that helps.
  7. I'm there for the 18th. cant wait. this will be my 2nd ever MG concert - first was at carleton for his last acoustic tour
  8. Future shop website says its available now at my local store? http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetai...ogon=&langid=EN Anyone else found this? Is it actually out now... if so ill make a trip after work.
  9. I liked it. SPOILER (Highlight to View) What happened to the pig though? they didnt say
  10. i got 2! thanks man... i saw your post on matt's site. haha
  11. First dates are up: Sept 17th Victoria, BC McPherson Playhouse Sept 18th Victoria, BC McPherson Playhouse Sept 20th Vancouver, BC The Centre Sept 22nd Red Deer, AB Red Deer Memorial Ctr. Sept 23rd Edmonton, AB Myer Horowitz Theatre Sept 25th Calgary, AB Jack Singer Hall Sept 27th Saskatoon, SK Lakeview Auditorium Sept 28th Winnipeg, MB Garrick Centre
  12. AWESOME... sucks its another month for the release, however. Great job Matty!!!
  13. I missed last week's eppy (i know!!! damnit). What do I need to know for tonights?
  14. Anyone seen the south park about walmart (err...wallmart)? I hate walmart.... the building is ugly, its always jam packed, lots of crying kids, etc... so why am i there 2-3 times a month?
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