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  1. I would put them in this order: Fearless Change of Season She's Got a New Disguise I like them all, though.
  2. indestructible

    Face Off

    Fated Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance
  3. Avalanche. The songs are so intricate and long and ... amazing.
  4. Ok, I'll do this by CD, since I can't think of a particular song that sticks out as being my least favourite... LOTGA: She's Got a New Disguise, I guess, although I do like the song. I like the whole CD, so it was hard to choose. Underdogs: Invasion 1, Rico Beautiful Midnight: Hello Time Bomb, Load Me Up... arguably because they were so overplayed. Audio of Being: I don't have this CD handy so I can't judge right now. Avalanche: A Long Way Down, Bright End of Nowhere... not terrible songs, just really drab compared to the rest of that amazing CD. WLRRR: North American For Life, Poor Man's Grey, Put Out Your Lights.
  5. I sent my e-mail at something like 12:00:05 [waited a few seconds in case their clock was a little off]. I would assume the confirmation e-mails would have gone out all at once, but so far I haven't seen anyone else say they've gotten theirs...
  6. Wow, that bites. Are you going to the smaller show the day before?
  7. Woohoo, I just got confirmation that I got tickets for the MG show in Ottawa. I only asked for one, but the e-mail said "You and a guest must arrive between 9 and 9.30pm with valid identification for free admission." So, assuming that holds true, I'll have an extra. If I get more than one response to this, I'll add your name to a little draw that I'll do. If you win, I guess you just have to come with me to pick up your ticket, and then you can do whatever you want.
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