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  1. I'm a Sirius subscriber and wondered if anyone out there is too and have you ever heard a MG song? I have been a subscriber for almost a yr and have yet to hear him. Just wondering.
  2. wow i had no idea, i hope he comes back to music
  3. si did he really get a divorce? when was this?
  4. how about a serious answer this time...
  5. I haven't beeen around, is matt moving? is he still married? i haven't seen word of his wife in ages...
  6. I see someone sold his for $58, so if you were to offer something like that I would let it go
  7. make an offer, I have no idea what would be fair....
  8. I have the Matthew Good double record limited release for Avalance. It's in perfect condition and never played. Anyone care?
  9. Personally I find myself always going back to B.M. or A.O.B., even though he's said in the past he didn't like AOB I think it's one of his best. I was at the show in Barrie the other night...the crowd goes wild for songs from these two albums, or older albums...but the newer stuff...I hear nothing but people talking during it. I really believe he's on the downslope of his musical career. So my guess is his last album will be like avalance, or WLRR. And after that, he'll slowly disappear. Don't get me wrong, I love the guys music, but he hit a peak back in the Beautiful Midnight days, as soon as the band split up...something was lost. Maybe he needs to be miserable to make the same kind of music, I don't know. But no one can deny his popularity has deminished over the years, and it doesn't help that he's regarded and a difficult person to work with.
  10. Friend of mine said a movie preview she saw said he was in an upcoming movie. Does anyone know about this? BTW saw him last nite in Barrie, was a great show...he sounded v. good
  11. oh ok, thanks for responding....
  12. On his site he mentioned he was doing a podcast of people's questions and would be making it available to everyone. How do you get a hold of this?
  13. That's great, hope you enjoy the Walmart undergarments. Please let us all know how they work out for you.
  14. I know it isn't on the Midnight album, I'm just saying it was the song that pulled me in.
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