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  1. I haven't been around here in almost a year, but wanted to throw this out there. I work for a production company here in Ottawa and want to know if anyone in this city is interested in making a video. I am an editor and a shooter, also direct and work a lot in creative. If anybody's interested in making a video, I'd propose a meetup, perhaps somewhere downtown...maybe even this Saturday. If we want to do something good, we need to start as soon as possible. Who in this city is interested in winning this contest? This invitation is open to anyone and everyone who is living in this area and want to take part. Age not a problem. If you want to be in it.....that's why i'm throwing this out there. Cheers
  2. A live album would be really neat but I think if he was going to do that he would have done it with In a Coma. Doing a best of and then a live album where the majority of the great songs he plays live are kind of like the best of or Rooms...wouldn't work from a selling standpoint unless it were a limited release kind of deal. I think it would kick ass to hear a new AOB sounding album but I'd also think a acoustic/folk album would be pretty cool
  3. some people I know don't give his music a chance since they heard he's a huge douche...one friend said Matt actually broke her arm
  4. so back on topic....guess there's no deal with Ottawa tickets on here for me huh? dang nabbit
  5. can I have your tickets then? ;) If it's rescheduled to after May 8th, I'll sell my ticket for face. If by ticket you mean ticketS, I may even take you up on that...i'd love to bring someone special with me no, it's none of you :angry:
  6. I didn't see my acoustic apparitions one on there ;)
  7. I would have gone to that show. if anyone has one spare ticket, i'll buy you a pizza
  8. can't argue with that price
  9. when you're doing something you really like, mixed with being able to do it for your favourite musician, you don't really think of the time it took, but i'm sure it took about 10 hours, a little more perhaps, off and on over the course of a few weeks back when the cd came out. It's been finished for about two months, only minor changed made in the last month.
  10. I know this has been in another thread here, but that was a YSI and now it's up online for a month, so I'd like everyone to be able to see it, who can. You need quicktime to view it and the file is a little larger than I would have liked, but if I had made it smaller, the quality would have been crummier. for the last time, I give this to you folks
  11. There was a link on this site about three weeks ago, that went to a page for a band that did a few of matt good's songs instrumentally. I thought some people here would know that link and kindly displaay it here
  12. just give me the information i need and nobody gets hurt
  13. blah, that was me signed in as Scot for some reason.....i should have caused havoc.....damn it!
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