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  1. Ooooooh Drug posts....My time to SHINE. Ok, so not really, I'm at the "getting out of drugs" phase in my life. I used to smoke alot of weed as was per norm of most of my friends. At first it was trippy crazy fun, but it quickly becomes something to do while you're doing other things, almost to the point of smoking cigarettes, but once every two hours and we would rarely get a great high anymore. Unfortuately ecstasy and coke have been increasing in popularity in Ottawa right now. I don't really have a problem with people doing drugs, I've tried a great variety from weed to E to mush and LSD. Most have been a great learning experience. However, alot of people don't realize the increasing consequences with the increasing highs. They didn't get addicted to weed, they only take mushrooms once every couple of months and they never OD'd.....so why is any of that going to happen when they start railing coke? And it doesn't happen at first (at least for most people) but after getting into a coke habit it gets harder and harder to stop each time and no one ever really notices until they actually try cutting it out. Thats it for the Public Service Announcement. Aside from that I think if you want to try something, go ahead and do it, but be responsible. It's really not hard to do a quick search of vast forums of users of anything, and experienced insight can be very helpful. Have fun tripping, but don't make it your life, just a weekends entertainment.
  2. My personal favourite is Sobe's "No Fear", it ranks alongside Monster and a bit under Rock Star for caffeine content, but it actually tastes DECENT, well, at least for energy drinks. Anyway, if you want to get bang for your buck, don't bother with Red Bull, it's purely hype. For a double serving which costs less than 2 Red Bull you can easily get a better tasting drink with more active chemicals than 2 cans of Red Bull. Just check out the ingredient lists on the back of the cans. The more caffeine the better, next is guarana, which is standardized to some percentage of caffeine (100mg guarana stnd. at 100% caffeine = 100mg caffeine. 50% = 50mg caffeine) and can be directly added to the caffeine content. Finally is the taurine, which helps digestion and increases bloodflow apparently increasing the efficency with which your body extracts and utilzes the caffeine. The taurine count in all energy drinks is pretty high. Anyway, if you like energy drinks and don't have much money, check the ingredients to get as much as you can out of them. However, if you just want a good buzz, drink a bunch of good coffee, there's alot of sugar in energy drinks and carbonation isn't great for the body.
  3. 100% AssMan.......,so long as boobies are there, they're fine.
  4. OOOOOOH MAN! Such a good show.....Advertising on Police Cars made my night, all around fantastic....AND....I'm the guy who had no idea if he had tickets or not due to e-mail misadventures, spent the past month sweating over it. Went down and lo and behold, on the list!!! As promised, I gave away my extra ticket, to a random because it was last minute but I hope he enjoyed the show! Hope everyone else had a great time and Hurrah for Matt Good Mondays....by far the best kind!
  5. Well....if by Beatifying products...you mean drugs...perhaps, Beautifying products however, no. Can you rub your head in one direction and your tummy in the other? and say she-sells-sea-shells-by-the-seashore simultaneously?
  6. Canadian outfit, pretty layered instrumentals and a whole helluva lot of tension and release. I picked up their album Yanquoi U.X.O. and it is definately worth trying (though I'd suggest trying to download some first, particularly the song Moya....not on this CD). I can't even begin to explain, but its wicked music to accompany writing a paper at 3 in the morning....or indulging in psychotropic pizza toppings ;)
  7. Well....I'm not sure exactly how true this was, but a friend I met at university said she went to the same highschool as them, they disappeared for a year or two to be "famous" *cough* then show back up at school, a couple years behind their former classmates. Apparently they all got their asses kicked like 2nd day back except for the drummer, who was "cool other than being in a shit band". Now, theres always the chance this person lied to me, however, who would lie about going to the same school as Serial Joe? Might as well make up something cooler, plus, if you've heard them the second half of that story is pretty believable.
  8. Oh My GAWD, you're like SOOOOO totally awesome, I can't believe someone came through for me like that.....I guess it goes to show that maybe the world isn't quite so screwed as we though if there are still people out there willing to show such kindness and generosity.......oh wait.....just kidding ;). Any serious responses?
  9. Hey, how's it going everybody? Just thought I'd start up a topic for people who were unable to secure tickets in case there are any lucky (to have tickets) and generous (to have an extra ticket) enough to help us adoring fans get into the show! Currently my deal is I'm not sure if I got tickets because if the confirmation e-mail ended up in my junkmail box it was automatically deleted. I've sent e-mails to prs concerts to see if I'm on the list but no answer so far. I'd REALLY like to go to the show as I'm a huge fan and haven't been able to see Matt perform the last couple times he was here due to unavoidable circumstances (like midterms). I know I'm among quite possibly several hundred other people pleading a similar case, but if anyone has an extra ticket they'd be willing to part with (in return for something reasonable, of course), please send an e-mail to Ozzy_411@hotmail.com. Anyone else looking for an extra ticket post below and lets see if some of us can't get to the show! As a final note, if I do manage to get response from PRSconcerts, I will have an extra ticket of my own, and I will donate it to someone on the bored. Thanks everyone ;) Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention, Ottawa show...anyone from Ottawa would probably pick that up, but just to clarify for everyone. Thank you for pointing that out Ravenous Yam.
  10. Folk Singer and The Bombmaker....followed closely by LOTGA. I did have a 2 CD compilation of pre-MGB from back in the Napster hay-days....one of them got scratched beyond playability though. sooooooo much for anything Rodchester Kings....
  11. That's a good idea, thank you Sparq! However, who to call? Capital Music Hall? PRSconcerts? I'm sorry to be a bother guys ;) .
  12. Hello Everybody! I just signed up for an account so I'm new on the Bored. However, I'm a huge fan of Matt Good so I will probably be posting fairly often.... Anyway, on topic, I have a bit of a problem.....I sent an e-mail for tickets at roughly 12:00:06PM on Monday (NRC time). I have a Hotmail account and my junkmail filter is set to the highest level NOT requiring a safe list submission to receive mail from a source. Here's the nasty bit, if anything is judged as junk mail (as it seems others have seen with the ticket confirmation).....I have options set to immediately delete it. AHHHHH! Sooooo, I know there is a reasonable chance I didn't get tickets, but if I did, I very well may not know about it. I've sent an e-mail to info@prsconcerts.com to no avail (I wouldnt be surprised if its an automailer address, or shut down since the tickets ran out). If you guys have any suggestions regarding what I should do, they would be more than welcome. Thank you everyone!
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