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  1. bob2


    The only part I'm dissapointed in is the fact there isn't more songs on rooms, Actually, when I first heard about this greatest hits disc, I thought it was all going to be acoustic, so thats why I was let down a bit, It is a great package though,
  2. Matthew Good is my favourite for sure, Followed by Bad Religion,
  3. Very good work Jeremy, I'll be looking forward to other releases,
  4. Forget Saskatoon, He should have one in Regina, Well, I guess I'd be happy with either but guess it isn't going to happen,
  5. NAFL, I just end up skipping it, It may grow on me sometime,
  6. Too bad, Near Fantastica would have made an amazing video,
  7. Going to be hard to do, But if you're up to it, I'd be interested to see it,
  8. Waiting for the Great Destruction Dancing Invisible All those works were great though,
  9. bob2

    Rooms Extra Song

    Weapon would be cool, But I say Jenni's Song
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