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  1. Wow, I really thought that someone on here would know... come onnn peeeopleee
  2. Hey all, After reading Matt`s post on the Saint John`s show last night he mentioned something about talking about the song `She`s in it for the money`and he said that he wouldnt repeat what he said on his blog, so I`m sure that everyones dying to know what he said. Was anyone on here at that show and can you tell us what he said.
  3. Yeah just the one. I was intending to go by myself back in october when the weather was nicer but now I don't feel like it and I'm too busy.
  4. Hi all, well as some of you might know, there is a concert of theirs coming up and if you havent heard of them you should check them out, theyre pretty good. I have a problem though, I have one ticket to the concert and Im not going anymore, so I was wondering if anyone here wanted to buy it, it would be $30, the show is november 29th at 8pm. Message me if interested. Also I apologize if this post is in the wrong spot or inappropriate.
  5. That kid has the creepiest look ever. Totally creeps me out.
  6. Oh im so jealous youre going to see Muse, I love them. Im going to see Mindless Self Indulgence in July ;)
  7. Id be kinda afriad to meet him since I think hes so neat, Id be worried it wouldnt go well and that would sour things a little. When I met Chuck Palahniuk last year it was at the end of the night when he was exhausted, so he wasnt the cheeriest. ;)
  8. My fave is the commercial for whiskas kitten food where the guy jumps and grabs on to the curtains and then they break and he falls and then the announcer goes "only kittens can be kittens" Brilliant.
  9. House of Smoke and Mirrors has got me numerous times. It still chokes me up every once in a while. The line "I've fallen asleep again and when I wake up, you won't be here." Just sounds sad. It reminds me of when I started dating my partner and we had a long distance relationship and I missed him so much. But in general it just gives that sense of being left. I still think that The Fine Art of Falling Apart sums me up peffectly as well. I dont for sure remember crying to that song, but I wouldnt doubt that I did either.
  10. Does anyone know the name of that song they use in that commercial for Telus's new product thingy Spark, it has the bird shaking his head then he lands on the phone and then the song plays and its really catchy, Im old and lame and dont listen to the radio or anything so I dunno what its called. If anyone can help, itd be greatly appreciated. One a side note, I think it should be mandatory that whenever songs are used in commercials they should make it shown somewhere either on the website or in the commercial itself. They do show it in this one but its hard to decipher.
  11. American Beauty and Fight Club had the biggest impact on me.
  12. I think he will be remembered 20 years from now, its just hard to see it as him being remembered like Kiss and Alice Cooper because A) No one likes and respects newcomer bands as much as predecessors and B) It hasnt been even 10 years since hes gone away so we havent had a chance to really miss him yet. Mechanical Animals was his best album in my opinion. Im really interested to see what else he can do outside of a musical realm.
  13. I just had to have the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion DVD and I'm glad I got it, it looks soo much prettier.
  14. Man I used to be super obsessed with AOE, they were sooo good. It sucks that they broke up, but I enjoy Limblifter as well, havent really listened to much of the other stuff. Kurt looked best in the Ugly vid, thats crazy-cool that john is in Robin Black.
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