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  1. ok, update: I was just at Centennial Hall and picked up my two tickets and the Manager said that the tickets went on sale YESTERDAY morning and that everything printed stating that today was the on sale date was wrong. Whatever, Im still not impressed though, but its in the past. Anyways, Centennial Hall is old school and everything is kept tract of on a single printed seating plan. When I got my tickets it looked as if EVERY OTHER row was sold on the floor (orchestra seating) starting with the first row, just incase you were going to head down today.
  2. London Show - Well Im not a happy camper at all. Just went on Centenntial Hall's website to check out the seating plan (whether its seated or standing, its seated) and found out that most of the 'good' (no pun) tickets are taken. Now how can this be as they weren't supposed to be on sale until TODAY AT 10AM. Im not sure where the miss-communication was, whether it was strictly a box office fault, or maybe Matt (or those working for him) changed something and failed to inform the fans (or the box office) but Im not happy about it at all. I will be at Centennial Hall at 10am like planned, like I always have for tickets for his concerts. I will speak to the box office manager, but I doubt anything will be done to right this wrong for all of the loyal fans. Im not against the on sale date/time being changed, Im ok with that, what I have an issue with is the fact that it wasn't posted on matthewgood.org or on Centennial Hall's website (where no on sale date is listed as of now) Im not happy one bit, and Im sure Im not alone, however I will still buy tickets for what will for sure be a great show and in support of one great artist.
  3. Im there, front row centre. oh and I just got a call from FM96 inviting me to the Studio session tomorrow afternoon at EMAC. gonna be a good day.
  4. man, you know you have made it in the music business if weird al does a spoof of your song.
  5. I really enjoy the music, Im not a fan that buys cd's (although I dont buy any albums other than Matt Good.) but I will download DMB stuff and listen to it all the time.
  6. if by terrible you mean just as shitty as Dave Matthew, then yes.
  7. you want to know something, I dont think its DAve Matthews himself that anyone actually hates, I like his music personally. The problem with all of this is as easy as SLOAN put it "It's not the band I hate, it's their fans". Thats the problem, the fans. Fans of Dave MAtthews only like to listen to DMB, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Bob Marley, its as simple as that. (Stereotype I know). This is true for all of the DMB fans I know, they only listen to these individuals and hate everything else. But sadly peopledo get MDB and MG mixed up far too often.
  8. lol. the hole in the back is killer.
  9. Lets Talk about Undergrads and Clones. Those shows were kick ass, but they are no more.
  10. Dance Mix 93 or 95 BUT not 94 And the sound track to the movie CB4
  11. Im sure that I sing all of the lyrics wrong, but I dont care, cause Im Superman.
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