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  1. I guess more specifically, I'm interested in the writings surrounding the sun graphic, and their meaning. It's pretty much undecipherable on my shirt, so, if anyone has a clue...giddy up! Someone has to know.
  2. Anyone have any info regarding the image on the back of Matt's acoustic tour t shirts? Did he create this image or has anyone come across it somewhere else? - Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Anybody else listening to these guys? Freakin brilliant. I mean, if you have the attention span of a fly, forget about them. Definately will not be on Much or radio for that matter anytime soon... Nova Scotia product, go figure? - the gal in their 'jaws of life' video gave me their first (?) disk. I encourage everyone to check them out. Ciao.
  4. Yep, Matt's happily married, looking to purchase realestate in the downtown area, taken up body building and is getting ready to shoot the first video of his new rock album, WITH THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS. All is Good!!!!!!!!!!! late.
  5. Just thought I'd let others know out there Matt is listed as a performing artist in this year's Calgary Folk Festival. Specific days remain to be posted... possibly other appearances for this summer? The site suggests Matt will be continuing his stripped down accoustic set which is pretty damn good news as far as I'm concerned. - Can I get a "hell ya!" ;)
  6. Yes, nice post, I dig that. I really do. Very cool actually.
  7. - Morons. Both of you really...yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn.
  8. thanks for wasting 20 seconds of my day.
  9. THAT was funny............ ;)
  10. I know someone frequenting this sight can help me out. Christian indicated to me that for the last twenty years or so he's been part of a band called Copyright. Anybody out there have any material from this group, or info regarding a website? Googling anything with his name or 'copyright' hasn't provided me with anything. As far as I know his only contribution to Matt's albums has been Northamericanforlife on WLRARR. I'd like to hear some original material from this guy. Any help would be appreciated! P.S. In my opinion, after having attended the 3 shows in Edmonton, the show in Calgary, and both shows at the Commodore in Vancouver, I'd have to say that the setlist on the final show was brilliant. The Edmonton Oct 30th show for whatever the reason seemed almost magical. Avalanche was simply taken to another level... Ciao!
  11. Actually, American Woman is pretty awesome.I have no reason to defend B.Cummings, but as far as I'm concerned his band and ensueing solo career was respectable and pretty much successful any way you look at them. (longevity, sales, historical impact etc.) Referring to him as an arrogant, talentless prick? - guess you know him a little better than I. Maybe you're right... Anywho... no, I'm yet to experience any workers singing a song of mass production on any tour or venue since it was penned. Ciao.
  12. I'm not really aware of any "bad" Matthew Good songs... and I mean that sincerely, so, actually, I won't agree with your comment. The End.
  13. ya, somebody, anybody out there tab this beast. I feel like a shmuck not being able to nail it down... Cheers. ;)
  14. Yep, pretty much the same routine goes down at every show across Canada...Hellotimebombers come out of the woodwork to check out a live show, and then proceed to go Katrina in the moshpit to songs like Avalanche....Prior to the release of Avalanche(the album), Matt played House of Smoke and Mirrors at a show in Vancouver at the Commodore, and yes, believe it or not, I took some jackasses foot in the head as he moshed by to that song. Idiots are idiots, period. The ONLY show I've experienced in my life where 'moshing' was disrupted was at a Radiohead gig in Calgary where Thom Yorke STOPPED the band during the opening song and told people that they must be at the wrong show. He also indicated he would be leaving if the 'nonesense' continued. The majority of the crowd applauded, it was unbelievable. Anyway, back to my knitting.
  15. Jazzjune or whatever the handle is... nice post! I totally enjoyed your perspective! Cheers!
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