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  1. Achievement: Posted here at The Bored for the first time in...uhhh...? Apparently Oct 7 2009, 11:37 AM was my last post till today...
  2. *sigh* is sodamntired still here making threads? Dayum
  3. http://www.piratepartyofcanada.com/ Enjoy
  4. You should email in and complain, that's fairly absent minded of them to get the form right and not be able to ship it. Talk about misinformation.
  5. Congratulations Beth! Glad everything went well.
  6. I go there almost once a month to visit a friend of my girlfriend
  7. I believe Songbird can do this as well, give them a look. Just use google to find them.
  8. My friend ordered this to Ottawa, they declined him due to the fact that they don't deliver to this area ;)
  9. haha I'd text you but it might offend our significant others ;)
  10. Natalie Portman Rap I'm The Boss
  11. Shit...uhh been so long since I've bothered to use a firewall. Most of the good free XP firewalls have upgraded to being free with Vista as well. Zonealarm Sygate Comodo
  12. Yea the this project doesn't exist here in Canada...yet
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