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  1. i can't believe there's no thread to discuss vancouver! (unless i'm very blind) what did you guys think about the album? mod edit: just a bit blind ;) search is your friend :angry: in that case, i thought vancouver was an average album. i'm glad to have an update of matt's particular palette of soundmaking, but this is just a rehash of avalanche. it's like, 'the boy who could explode' has replaced 'while we were hunting rabbits'. that being said, avalanche is my favorite work by matt and so i really enjoy vancouver, it is merely lacking in inspiration.
  2. finished 'childhoods end' by arthur c. clarke. it was very amusing to read, but ends weakly. onto either 'heart of darkness' or 'do androids dream of electric sheep?' or maybe 'the basic kafka'. the possibilities are endless.
  3. CHILDHOOD'S END!! by arthur c clarke. alien overlords FTW!!! i fell asleep during that one... but i'm told the ending is spectacular
  4. i've been fiddling with new mario bros wii for the past month... it is not a lack of interest that keeps me from finishing it.
  5. gran torino and million dollar baby are so not my type of movies but i LOVED THEM!!! so, i want to see invictus... last movie i watched was eternal sunshine. i've seen it too many times. :angry:
  6. matt has a fascination with the moon landing/fraud theory, eh?
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