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  1. every now and then my buddies and i will get together, order a KFC Mega Meal, pick up a 24 case of beer and watch one of these on pay-per-view.
  2. Dane Cook is pretty overrated. What is worse is when people do impressions of him, it's almost as tired as when people do Austin Powers impressions.
  3. i just saw them on Friday and they put on a great performance. I'm not too sure if i would pick up an album or anything though.
  4. Yeah me neither. Either way, season 1 of this show was just recently released on DVD
  5. I'm listening to/watching the live webcast of Coachella 2006
  6. yeah, i got this email as well. I can't believe Say Anything is on this tour! I'm so stoked. I'm just waiting to see if any of my friends want to make the roadtrip to Winnipeg to see this. That or to see if a Saskatoon date will be announced.
  7. kent

    Final Exams

    Finished my last exam! I ended my final essay on the exam with a sentence that has no point whatsoever, it doesn't conclude anything, neiter does it establish another idea. It is pretty much something like this: "Feminism sociology is nice." All i could think of was "i'm done for 4 months" and "tomorrow i leave to see Death Cab and Franz Ferdinand!"
  8. kent

    Final Exams

    1 more and i'm done. I can't wait for Monday at 12. I'll be partaking in my tradition of dusting off Andrew W.K.'s I Get Wet and blaring it out of the windows of my truck on the ride home. I do this after my last final of every winter semester.
  9. Thursday are awesome live. Also, Full Collapse is a very, very solid record. I would probably say that i like it more than War All the Time. "Tomorrow I'll Be You," off that record, however, is unbelievable. Especially the last minute, what an epic way to end an album.
  10. kent


    I'm the paid A&E writer for the University of Regina newspaper The Carillon. I also work for my dad's company Alpine Ceramics. I'm a general labourer and whatnot. Shit job, great hours/pay.
  11. isn't it pretty much just Jack Bauer in a suit?
  12. I like how Dave is credited as appearing as 'Dave Genn.' It's like he's doing some sort of cameo or something.
  13. when i tell people i listen to Matthew Good a few things happen: 1) They then proceed to think i listen to all of the popular bands on Top 40/Rock radio..."Dude, you listen to Matthew Good? What did you think of the new Nickelback record? 2) They think that i meant Dave Matthews Band and then say how boring he is due to the jam sessions. 3) They chastise me saying that he's a dick and that they know the guy who threw the shoe (i live in regina). So far i've met over 20 people who each have a different friend that threw the shoe.
  14. yeah, i was pretty stoked about this tour when i heard it was coming to Regina. Unfortunately i'll be in Winnipeg on the 24th going to see Alkaline Trio so i miss T(I)NC when they play here.
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