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  1. ~/10 because i liked the text under the cover. edit: that is not the infinity symbol. but for the sake of gin, it will be.
  2. Battlefield Earth: A Saga for the Year 3000
  3. only if they're singing "Mm Bop." so why aren't you sleeping right now?
  4. while i would say "Murder Ballads" by nick cave and the bad seeds... i'd just be interested in watching "Stagger Lee" adventures.
  5. I remember reading "survival in auschwitz." a hard book, just because it was hard to get everything done. didn't hurt that an old teacher kept demanding we acknowledge why Levi hated himself. anywho, because it's always fun: "Scott Pilgrim vol 1 and 2" by Bryan Lee O'Malley technically not a book, but a kick-ass graphic novel. story follows Scott Pilgrim as he falls in love with a Amazon.ca delivery girl, and then fights her league of evil ex-boyfriends while trying to deal with a 16-year old girl who's crushing a bit too hard on him--and is still working on her martial arts/hipst
  6. you know, the question remains. I know he's a Miike fan. But what brings this after the camp-tastic Cabin Fever?
  7. this film continues to look like it is awesome.
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