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  1. i think it will be good, i miss that show
  2. i remember it being a good book..i don't remember the ending though
  3. it was a great show...i was gonna try and look for his bus but i didn't know where it was
  4. Nirvana MTV Unplugged In New York Hayden Live at Convocation Hall
  5. i like him on his own better
  6. benneb

    Clerks 2

    i like the orginal cut better when dante gets killed at the end. but its better he didn't keep it cause there wouldn't be a number 2, which i cant wait to see
  7. umm...i sing matt good songs in the shower really loudly
  8. north american for life but i wouldn't say i dislike it, its just not as good
  9. yah its great but it won't be on his next cd because james blunt record label won't let him...but i guess james blunt himself is cool with it
  10. its a cool song, i always like his demos a lot
  11. has anyone else seen it? it's one the funnier movies iv seen in a wile
  12. so hes the guy who makes all those puns?...there kinda annoying
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