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  1. 6TH PLACE MATCH 1) Weapon 2) Tripoli (Rooms) Thanks.
  2. Fated Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche Prime Time Deliverance Tripoli (Rooms) Thanks.
  3. 1)Blue Skies Over Badlands 2)Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 3)Running for Home 4)Near Fantastica Thanks
  4. 1)Strange Days 2)Running For Home 3)Born To Kill 4)Near Fantastica Thanks
  5. Given the choices, I went with Avalanche since it had such a pretty snow light show. Had Prime Time Deliverance been an option, I would have gone with that.
  6. 1. Strange Days 2. Near Fantastica (Round 4) 3. Empty Road (Round 1) 4. Sort of a Protest Song (Round 4) 5. Omissions of the Omen (Round 2) Thanks.
  7. I'm going with Indy purely out of spite for the supposed "Man with No Name". "The Man with No Name" sure sounds like a name or moniker to me. It's like at Zehr's with their supposed "No Name" brand of food products. If it's truly "No Name" then why is "No Name" a trademark? Hmm???
  8. 1)Sort of a Protest Song 2)Suburbia 3)Strange Days 4)Tripoli (Rooms) Thanks
  9. 1)Avalanche 2)Fated 3)Near Fantastica 4)Born To Kill 5)Prime Time Deliverance Thanks
  10. Nothing else comes to mind, just the acoustic NF. Thanks!
  11. Bah! The link expired. Would anyone mind uploading it (acoustic NF) again? Please?
  12. I think you made a mistake with the previous results: 3) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 40 vs Antipop 8 Shouldn't the Hunting Rabbits be in bold? 1)Avalanche 2)Weapon 3)Sort of a Protest Song 4)Fine Art of Falling Apart 5)Oh Be Joyful Thanks.
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