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  1. Just saw one up on ebay if anyone is still looking.
  2. I'm not sure if everyone is after this as a collectible, or they just really want the record. The copy I have has been opened and played once. The reason I have decided to let this one go is that it has been signed by Matt Good, but it was signed to my ex. The signature and message are on the inside of the case. I can send anyone who is interested a picture of the message and signature if you wish. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks
  3. Hoffa totally blew and that was one of my "first date" movies in High School. What a bunch of crap that movie was.
  4. Ray_Gun

    Radio Shows

    Did anyone on here win with one of their questions? I submited mine but I was just wondering what kind of questions won the contest.
  5. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
  6. Not a really accurate list I don't think. I have seen him at least 4 times at a bar in Chilliwack BC the first of which was in the LOTGA days back in '96 but not one of those shows is listed there.
  7. I tried a few different ones and then came on here and saw your post. Thanks very much man. The only problem is it is a general admission show for all of us that actually have to go to work for the day we have no change getting seats near the front. No biggie I supposed the venue isn't that large anyway.
  8. I could but I waas actually looking to trade for something.
  9. Tell you what...throw in a run over ground hog and you have a deal. ;)
  10. Might as well show the back too.
  11. Here is a pic of the front of the cd case. Oh yea it is also in one of those "single" cd cases. You know those really slim ones.
  12. I have a Promo copy of Beautiful Midnight still sealed. On the cover is a picture of the lightning only and then it says "beautiful midnight" "09.14.99" "PROMO ONLY" "NOT FOR SALE OR AIRPLAY" I am just curious as to what I may be able to get either in cash or trade for this.
  13. same could said for Christians getting offended by "Happy Holidays". Didn't Jon Stewart do a bit on this? He showed a clip of O'Reilly saying that non-christians shouldn't be offended by "Merry Christmas" because it's just an innocent saying, then said how offensive the saying "Happy Holidays" is to Christians. ;) I'm not just talking about the whole Christmas issue I am talking about the whole being politically correct issue. There is so much stuff you can't say and do because it's not "PC". Now I am not saying that everyone should go around and start talking with racial slurs or anything like that I just don't get why this and many other greetings, words, celebrations etc. have to be re named or not mentioned in public in fears of offending someone. I couldn't care less if you wish me a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or Joyeux Noel. It's all the same to me but Holiday tree?? come on!. Pretty soon you won't be allowed to walk around wishing people a Happy New Year because it is offensive to the Chinese.
  14. My whole point was about us all having to be PC nowadays. I find it a little ridiculous the way we have to walk around on eggshells so as to not offend anyone. I don't understand why we should have to change our traditions for the few people that seem to be offended by the word Christmas. As many people have already said it is hardly thought by most people as being a religious holiday anymore. If someone is so offended by it just ignore it. No one is forcing you to celebrate Christmas.
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