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  1. "all the fans coming out of the woodwork" Yeah, that's me. Going to Danforth on Saturday. Are we doing the K I C K A S S chant?
  2. The cover art is pretty sweet- anyone know if it is available as a print/poster?
  3. I'm about 25 mins away, I'm working today so I'll just get there for doors.
  4. foats: Yep, see you tomorrow. I know the turnout will be low and I feel awful that Matt is going to endue the show while ill. I'm beyond pleased that he's returning to Pittsburgh but it just doesn't seem worth it.
  5. I went up to the winery in the afternoon to check the place out, after being in Buffalo the night before. I didn't have tickets to the show though. I saw Matt walking around the grounds of the winery, it was gorgeous and peaceful there. After seeing the set list, I'm really sorry I missed it!
  6. A guy beside me said "Light something on fire!!" after Load Me Up. I said "Dude that's old school!!" Haha... Great show!
  7. He's played there tons before. I saw him there this past fall on the acoustic tour. Mid-Suburban area, like, 3 car dealers within walking distance. But other than that, good for an MG show. He did a meet and greet at the bus after the show... be patient and wait around a bit.
  8. There was a dude at the Vegas show named Ryan who works for iTunes. He's a big MG fan and pulled all the right strings. He was a nice guy.
  9. It was held at his friend's house. His friend runs a business up in Canada and can't take the heat so the house is vacant in the summertime. I asked Matt how he chose us and he said he kind of weeded out the emails that said "hey man, you ROCK" and contemplated those that sounded more serious. Miss 604 (.com) live blogged the event and Tony Pierce and Duane Storey also have good blog entries on their blogs. (Just do a search). Duane took some great pictures. I think he's a pro photographer. I've also added a full if i was a tidal wave to my blip.tv site.
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jen3701/sets/72157600578585622/ http://jennieroth.blip.tv/
  11. Nice meeting you guys! I have a few videos but they are taking FOREVER to upload...
  12. I am thinking of taking liquour too. Van Gogh if I can get my hands on it.
  13. Have a clue as to where a good hotel would be? I'm not sure what suburb Matt is in so I'm not sure where to book a hotel...
  14. I don't have a good video camera or a good audio recorder. I will take pix though. I just don't want him to feel like an animal at the zoo with 20 people taking pictures of him hanging out by the pool. We'll play it by ear.
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