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  1. Good to know about the Rideau. And I will definitely call first to check on the stock. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, good point about them being in the top charts. Okay, so I think I should get them. Where is the HMV in Ottawa you got yours from? And, did they have a lot left? I'm in NY but only about an hour from Ottawa, so I could easily get them in person to save from shipping costs to the US.
  3. I don't even own a record player, but I want these just to have as a fan. I feel like if I don't get them now, I take the chance of them going out of stock. Decisions...
  4. I think the mistake they're talking about is that Matthew is spelled "Mattthew" next to written by. An extra T.
  5. Thank you so much! Still waiting for my CD from Maple Music. <_<
  6. Well, now you've all got me curious about the demos that I missed. How many posts do I need to get in the lounge? I must be close...?
  7. This is why I actually don't mind that I missed most of the demos! By the time I actually had a chance to check them out, most had already been taken down. I think I caught maybe two or three.
  8. I had a different presale code through LiveNation for today that I forgot all about. Hoping I am able to get some decent seats tomorrow morning!
  9. I heard back from Maple Music and I also got a signed copy. Ordered between 11:30 am and noon EST. I actually forgot about the pre-order until I saw the update on Matt's Twitter, so I ordered from work hoping I wasn't too late.
  10. Missed it while I was at work! I was looking forward to hearing more of this after the clip the other day.
  11. I don't know if you saw, but I recorded the audio of the whole show. The download link is up a bit on the page. It's only an iphone recording, but better than nothing? Also, I just found this video of PTD on youtube:
  12. Okay, I think I did this right. Let me know if you have any trouble downloading. Also, if you wouldn't mind cutting up all the songs, that'd be great! https://www.dropbox....7%3A25%3A14.m4a
  13. I was able to record the entire audio from the Buffalo show to my iphone through voice memos. Not the best recording device, but it doesn't sound too bad. Right now it's one file, about an hour and 43 minutes long and 49.7 MB. If anyone knows how to edit audio like this, maybe cut all the songs into individual clips and/or mess with the sound, I could send it to you to play with. Or I can just upload it somewhere as it is and share that way. I would need some suggestions about where to upload, though...?
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