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  1. are these songs played as they are on the album or are they all "re-imagined"?
  2. experimental noise stage a la kid a.
  3. http://www.filedropper.com/secondsun
  4. i bet that it is on 70% of these peoples' computers. if not more. thus, not that rare.
  5. last time i checked, i had around 10.5k songs, 820 or so albums and it takes 350gb to store it. 44.1kHz/24 bit FLAC ftw.
  6. are you running a 64-bit operating system? if not, you won't be using 8gb of ram.
  7. hard drives generally fail pretty loudly. could be loose connections somewhere inside.
  8. saves are made at checkpoints automatically. no checkpoint, no save.
  9. halo 4 is the worst release next to ODST. multiplayer missed the mark.
  10. seems redundant. didn't in a coma satisfy this requirement? i'd much rather have a remaster or vinyl release of the partial catalog. it seems like this album would be for the hardcore fans and therefore pretty unnecessary. a casual fan isn't necessarily going to go for a bunch of non-commercial or semi-obscure album tracks.
  11. show #15 for me (is that all?!) maybe the weirdest setting for a concert i've ever seen. playing in a room that can probably hold 20000 people but really only containing football fans from every damn province in the country. i was expecting some new material but then i realized that this was not the place. i'm not sure if most people were there for sam roberts or matt.
  12. some also believe in a talking snake, a man who walks on water, a single boat full of all the world's animals, a talking bush, a river of blood... etc it sounds ridiculous if you really think about it, but it's easier to not really think about it at all. seacrest out.
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