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    I miss the days of people iming you with asl?
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    i'm red and black, twice my size...just let me rot.
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  1. this is still kicking around if you want it make me an offer.
  2. It's nuts how many people start clapping before the end of the song in the 2nd vid. As far as the songs go...both sound pretty much the same : ) all about the memories associated with them!
  3. I have a basically brand new Matt Good Avalanche long sleeve from the Avalanche tour. Bought the shirt way back at my 2nd MG show in St. Cathrines july 2003. Never really fit been sitting in the closest for the last 10+ years. The screen print is in really good shape, not cracked or anything. Shirt is a xl, but fits more like a large. Throw me an offer, plus shipping, it will be coming from philly.
  4. I recently(like last few weeks) have really gotten into them.After wondering into them on wikipedia while looking up a band called meursault. I like that I can hear the singer as scottish. Most times the british isles accent(scots,irish,english) kind of sounds english or none at all when singing, if that makes sense. I hear a little early explosions. I hear a lot of appleseed cast in there, moving mountains a little too. There approachable in a poppy way but still rock out and have some interesting song structures.
  5. care to share always loved that part of the song.
  6. imo those might be the weakest(aka least favorite) songs on each cd for me. Nor do any of those really "head bob" for myself.
  7. How do you guys feel about the song? The music is okay, I liked the solo at the end..the lyrics..man just not feeling them, it sounds a LOT like some of the old demo tapes.
  8. cool man looking forward to that then...thanks!
  9. looks like a good to great set list. Wish it wasn't such a PITA to get to nyc and back. Curious, did he mention why he played the one off show? I was bummed when he didn't make a little tour out of it..
  10. betcha wish he was playing the strand huh!?!?! I was thinking it about it..if it wasn't such a hassle to drive/park in the city i'd go..but it is. Have fun!!! The place looks small so it should be a great time.
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