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  1. There was lots of new content. Rooms was new. I personally had never heard Big City Life or Pony Boy before either. Or seen the Rabbits video. And how cool would it have been to just stick the Joyful video on there for laughs. I dug it.
  2. There was lots of new content. Rooms was new. I personally had never heard Big City Life or Pony Boy before either. Or seen the Rabbits video. And how cool would it have been to just stick the Joyful video on there for laughs. I dug it.
  3. Institute - Secrets And Lies Fall Out Boy - Xo The Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales Of San Francisco and... Matthew Good - Big City Life
  4. Perhaps only in my opinion, but I would add Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree Institute Distort Yourself EDIT: Oh, and my friend would have me mention The Arctic Monkeys, cos they're a pretty cool new band, but have no album to buy just yet. http://www.arcticmonkeys.com
  5. Well, for the acoustic tour your going to have move on up to more sophisticated drinks. Sipping whiskey, and drinking brandy from a snifter, stuff like that. He should also have the shows in those stereotypical smoky blue jazzhouses, and for laughs everyone can snap every time he finishes a song.
  6. I turned on the TV this morning right before I woke up my daughter and caught the last 5 minutes of an interview with Matthew Good for this program called Your World This Week. The footage contained interview material and scenes from the making of Rooms. In those five minutes, he addressed a hand full of things, namely: 1) That he named the new album In A Coma to reflect a sleep-like feeling he's had throughout his career, mostly with the Band. 2) He said the concept of recording an acoustic element for In A Coma came as simply as someone suggesting to do something special for the greatest hits collection. 3) That he ran out of time while recording Rooms. He said that he wanted to do a lot more than just the 9 songs, and in fact had four more (he did not specify which) that he intended to record, but he only had four days in the studio to work with. 4) He alluded to a very real possibility of an acoustic tour in the new year, saying that it's something he's wanted to do for awhile. 5) That he thought the next album would be more what he wanted to do, as opposed to what people would expect. Then he laughed and said he was being intentionally vague, as that's the best way to talk about an album before beginning it in any way. That's about it. Then the channel began schilling a Muchmusic channel package, and I changed it to Treehouse and woke up my daughter.
  7. "Sometimes, if no one's around, i back away from the urinal while peeing, to see how far i can get while still hitting target." One of those things, you know? Where you think you're the only guy that does it. Except when I do it, I laugh like a son-of-a-bitch, and if someone comes in at that moment, and I step up to the urinal again, I can't keep from snickering and bursting into laughter. "He tried to hang, by his arms from the stall walls, with his feet on the door, and shit in the toilet from 3 feet above it. He failed." Best story ever.
  8. If you really want to help us, Jim, let us manage our own affairs!
  9. A few friends and I just had a dude's movie night this past weekend. We sat up all night and drank and laughed and watched: Pumping Iron - Hilarious! Batman Begins - So awesome. Christian Bale was right on point. I had only seen the ones with Michael Keaton before, but this one can definitely sit amongst the others. Predator - I had never seen this before. It was pretty good, I suppose. I had no problems with it, certainly. Robocop - So different from when I saw it when I was like... 10? Whatever. Got a much better sense of the movie this time, and it was real cool.
  10. I think my favourite is Euphony. That line 'room with a view' is just Matt to a tee. Feels as current as anything he's ever done, even though most people have never ever heard it. Yeah, what I wouldn't give for a collection of the really old tunes, all on one disc.
  11. Hey, just gonna say to anyone who is interested, there's this fansite called Bulletproofskin.com where you can stream and/or download live footage of the band. So if you wanted to hear a couple of songs or something like that before making up your mind about the band, go there. Or go directly to the video clips page at http://bulletproofskin.com/media.php Includes some live footage, as recently as like 3, 4 days old, and appearances on all the late-night programs, inc. Leno, Letterman, Ferguson, Daly, Kimmel and more.
  12. Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't - Brand New
  13. All right, wage slave, don't get mad! Get back to your toil before they sack you for goldbricking!
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