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  1. Weird, I have 60+ posts but I don't see this area - it may be that i haven't been around here in, oh, about 7 or 8 years...
  2. The National - Racing Like A Pro I think this cd will be my number one cd for the year. It's that fucking good.
  3. I personally believe that francophone Quebecers help make our country the great place it is. However, I fully understand when English canadians who have been to Quebec recount that some francophones talked down to them, or were angry at the anglophones when they tried to speak french to them. I've run into that. But I've also run into a lot of really nice people who appreciated that I spoke french. I think most Anglophones who talk negatively about Quebec have never been there, or went once and made judgments based on a few individuals. Nevertheless, seperatism is a thorn in Canada's side, and many people (not just anglophones, though sometimes they feel that way) are very hostile to the entire french canadian population, though a majority are not seperatists.
  4. It looks like they were not up to anything good. It is not fair for police to disguise themselves as protestors, especially not when they are trying to incite violence. Its not hard to get a mob to do something based on miscommunication.
  5. I never liked the book, nor Ayn Rand's books in general. It wasn't that they were poorly written, its that they lacked any emotion. I was never attached to characters, and they were just such one-dimensional representations.
  6. That was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. Looks like the makers of Superbad and the 40 Year Old Virgin might just give a good kick in the ass to the god awful comedy movie sector.
  7. There's also the "Free download" song, if wish to include that.
  8. This is actually one of the hardest choices to make. For me, its no question between Beautiful Midnight and the Audio of Being. BM has some of the most beautiful songs MGB ever played, theres not one bad song. The problem is, I feel the exact same way about the Audio of Being. I guess the one difference is that when I listen to AoB, I can really just feel the band imploding. The entire cd flows better than any other MGB or even MG cd. So I guess AoB comes out by the slimmest of margins.
  9. well my favourite song from the cd has already been voted off. Of those, I like Champions of Nothing the least. A Single Explosion starts off sort of slow, but it really picks up in the second half.
  10. Maybe. It seems like most people here won't fight for their country, which is sad. At least people in WWII had values. If the war was for the right reasons, I might do it.
  11. Yeah this is pretty old news...i think someone posted this here a long while ago.
  12. matt damon as captain kirk eh.....I can picture it, and it could be okay.
  13. Melon Collie was really really good. My favourite Pumpkins cd.
  14. Could've been a single to promote Loser Anthems...
  15. In this election they would be the best candidate. We have a bunch of useless candidates we can barely stand, it's like a gun to our head.
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