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  1. Not sure if anyone is interested or not but I have a vinyl avalanche up on ebay.
  2. I put my vinyl copy of Avalanche up on Ebay for auction. I posted this on M+ also and I had different offers from people and didn't know how to be fair so I just put it up on ebay. If you are interested that's where you can find it. It's new and still sealed in case anyone was wondering. Chris
  3. Crusader: I will send them to you and you can do what you want with them. Make them available to everyone. Not sure if you can do that but it's just a thought. Chris
  4. The disc as a whole flows so well. You will all be impressed with all of the songs come May 2. WWS is not an indication of the whole cd even though I think that song kicks some ass when you have it cranked up loud. Chris
  5. When I uploaded to youtube, the audio doesn't sync with the video. Any suggestions?
  6. I have been sitting on video's of two songs from the Waterloo show that I went to. If I wanted to share where should I post them for people to see? Chris
  7. I called the Starlight in Waterloo and I talked to the guy there and he said supposedly Matt is doing better and that the show for Saturday is as far as he knows "a go". He also mentioned that the reschedule for the April 3rd show should be confirmed sometime later today. One of the dates he said Matt was shooting for was Good Friday, April 14th. Thought I would pass that along. Chris
  8. I caught 4 shows on the canadian tour. That put the old PJ count up to 10 matching my matt good shows. I have both waterloo shows lined up and 2 PJ shows lined up too so they are neck and neck. Can't Wait!!
  9. I have heard 7 songs off the new disc and I think it is their best since yield. Mind you there are 6 more songs on that cd yet to hear but as a hardcore PJ fan they can't do any wrong. ;) Hurry up May 2nd!! World Wide Suicide is best played LOUD!
  10. I am just wondering if there are any Pearl Jam fans around here because it seems my days coming up involve a lot of Matt and Pearl Jam. It's turning out to be a pretty sweet spring! Chris
  11. Does anyone know the capacity of this venue and possible setup?
  12. Fated sounds amazing. If this is what I have to expect for Waterloo, I am sure it will take top spot as far as matt shows go.
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