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  1. I am wondering if there is any info regarding the personnel on Something Like a Storm. While I am a fan of pretty much everything Matt puts out, I find that the recordings which feature Stu on guitar have a slight edge in terms of musicality. To further that, I typically see at least one show every tour and find that, for me, concerts where Stu is playing are a touch more impressive. I've enjoyed seeing Stu perform with Matt for roughly 10 years now, minus his absence in the LOES and AOD era. I was absolutely thrilled to see his return on the CN tour and have fingers crossed that he will be back for another round, both on the album tracks and live in concert. Any details are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. No question about it...Stu the guitarist from 2008-2010 roughly. He took Matt's live shows to places they could never reach previously (and sadly have yet to reach since).
  3. I have been a fan since Underdogs and been to a show on every tour since Beautiful Midnight. I guess all I want to know is whether or not Stu is back. The man was a natural fit with Matt and made the live show better than it had ever been previously (and I may even have to say since).
  4. i gotta say i liked the fake one released awhile back far more than the official
  5. i finally just listened to this song...and i must say its just about the most depressing song ive heard...but i am loving it
  6. i dont think its something they can control now, since virtually every cell phone has a camera and sometimes camcorder, and virtually everyone carries a cell phone on them
  7. it seems very silly to me that logan is invloved, but i think there is more to it, much more that has yet to be revealed
  8. mg - pledge of alliegance (live featuring piano instead of guitar)
  9. im a pretty huge fan of city and colour's piano rendition of alexisonfires 'happiness by the kilowatt'
  10. hot indeed... was pretty damn impressed by her the 2nd time i saw her set, not so much the first time
  11. squall17

    Original Weapon

    i cant say i care much for either version, but i prefer this one over the other
  12. yeah that guy was a fucking clown, he was right behind me! ;) so yeah that song, i guess its called 'the boy come back', is new? i was damn impressed by it!
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