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  1. I'm just wondering if the hub is still around. I tried to get into it a few times recently with no luck. It just says 'connection timeout' over and over. Is there a new hub if the old one is indeed gone? There were a lot of great, high-quality shows on there that I was lucky to get from the White Light Rock & Roll Review tours. Just curious.
  2. The Buffalo show at Club Infinity on Friday was my first Matt Good show, and I must say I was impressed. Matt has been my favorite artist since I first saw a few videos from MGB on MuchMusic about 5 years ago. I live in Ohio, and no one knows him here as I have mentioned before. I teach high school students, and they all wondered who I was talking about when I told them I was going to see Matthew Good in Buffalo on Friday. The 3 hour drive from Cleveland, Ohio, along with the almost 4 hour wait once indside the club was worth it. The setlist was awesome; I was so glad I got to hear some o
  3. I am going to the show, and I too am excited to be seeing Matt for the first time. I live in Northeast Ohio, so it will be about a three hour drive for me to the Buffalo area. Does anyone know anything about this venue, Club Infinity? I'm curious if anyone has seen a show there.
  4. This is not the hub itself, but it contains information about the hub. Thanks to Josh. http://www.freepgs.com/penguinsix/mgllhub/
  5. It isn't a URL. Click the link below about information concerning the hub although things have changed a bit since then. http://mattgood.imgarbage.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=250
  6. The hub was not working because Josh (penguin) had a problem with his computer. Here is the new address to the hub: mattgood-limblifter.no-ip.info Hope to see you all in there.
  7. I really like the lyrics on this album, but in my mind the b-side 'Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run' is perhaps the best song he's released recently. After listening to it two or three times, I was amazed that he didn't put it on the album. It should have been the hidden track or something with 'Hopeless' being song #13. The other b-sides aren't bad either ('Dusk' and 'Annabelle') but this song really shines.
  8. I see Matt's new album is down to #13 on the Canadian SoundScan charts. It will probably fall fast after a strong first week; I think that's what happened with 'Avalanche'. I also noticed that on amazon.ca, Matt's album is #5 and the new Tragically Hip album is #614. I thought the Tragically Hip was was this 'Canadian gem' as I have read recently in American music magazines? Why is their album selling so bad compared to Matt's or is that just on amazon where that's happening? I don't know about how well the Tragically Hip sell or are liked up there in Canada, so that's why I ask. I have
  9. lostatsea

    MG Hub

    Hello, I connected into the trading hub earlier for the first time and downloaded a few songs (I was amazed to see all the good stuff that was there, especially since I have almost nothing), but now I have tried to connect several times, but I keep getting a 'connection timeout.' I don't have any firewalls or anything like that, and I haven't changed my settings from earlier when I was connected. Does anyone know why this might be happening or what the settings should be so that I can get into it again. I don't really know how it all works, but I was connected earlier. Any help would be a
  10. I have hundreds of CDs, but basically Matthew Good is all I listen to anymore because every album is loaded with good songs, and I find it hard to pick out the best or most underrated. It's especially tough since I live in the U.S. and so I don't know which of Matt's newest songs have been released as singles or are getting airplay on Canadian radio. Does he get a lot of airplay by the way? If so, what older songs do they usually play besides the lastest singles from the newest album he has out at the time? I just find each album to have it's own character and direction, and that's what I
  11. What is the phone number for Maplemusic? I didn't get my CD again today, so I'm definitely calling them on Monday. I at least want a refund for shipping because they obviously didn't send it the way I paid for.
  12. As I wrote in another topic a few days ago, I didn't have my album then and I still don't now as of Saturday. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, so I figured that I would get my order pretty fast since I picked 'air mail', but my order still hasn't arrived. They did charge my credit card though, so I guess that's good. The people at my local post office said it should have been here by now if I chose 'air mail'. I did get an e-mail back from maplemusic, and here is the reply I got a day or so later. Hi John, Our pre-orders are always shipped within 48 hours of release date. We cannot trac
  13. Someone else in the Cleveland area likes Matthew Good besides me? That's nice to hear because no one I know or have ever talked to has ever heard of him or knows anything about him. Now my anticipation is building even more since you say it's worth the wait. I hope it comes on Tuesday.
  14. Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone else ordered the new album from maplemusic.com and lives in the U.S. I ordered three of the signed copies when the promotion was available, and as of today's mail (just got it), I haven't received them yet. I bought 'air mail' shipping and I live in Ohio. It's not a big deal, but I was just wondering if anyone from the U.S. got it and picked the same or a slower method of shipping or something. I'm looking forward to hearing it because from what people have said, it's not like Matt's other albums in many ways, and I see that as a good thing.
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