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  1. Tim, hi! How the hell are you? Yes, I haven't posted regularly on any message board for years, these days I suppose Facebook is where it's at. But I also have to say that the bored will always have a special place in my heart and sometimes when I'm extra bored I pop in to see what y'all are up to
  2. Looks like quite an adventure Pavel! Very interesting. I'm going to read your blog now
  3. Haha hello guys! I haven't been here in ages but the bored does cross my mind every now and again. Global politics are much more exciting than my life I guess because I got nothing new to tell. Hope everyone is doing well!
  4. Suspenders AND a tie? Whoa, great photo Tracy!
  5. Yeah, no many original ideas for movies left it seems. I just got a collector's edition 5 dvd set for like 12$ - haven't watched it yet but I'm excited ;)
  6. It's better than all the albums they put out in recent years in my opinion, but certainly no TCATS which is their best. I like Rope and Dear Rosemary.
  7. Yeah, I never got what all the fuss is about with this band. This album is no exception.
  8. How To Train Your Dragon was surprisingly pretty nice.
  9. Blade Runner is pretty much the only sci-fi movie I like. It might have to do with the computer game of it which my brother and I were obsessed with.
  10. I really don't get all the fuss around Anne Hathaway, I don't find her very attractive or beautiful and I'm concerned about the fact that she's been cast as Catwoman in the next Batman movie.
  11. I never managed to sit through an entire Coen Brothers movie. I just don't get why all the hype. On a side note, Colin Firth is quite adorable in The King's Speech which is a movie I didn't expect to like.
  12. You guys are hilarious. But seriously - who wouldn't fuck with only 30 minutes left to live?!
  13. I liked Black Swan a lot. I want to watch it again.
  14. Good episode, I like the feel of this season so far.
  15. Me too! I never played it before and heard many things about it so I finally decided to give it a try. It makes you forget about everything and before you know it, it's already dark outside. Very dangerous!
  16. The second episode was good in my opinion. I like the fact that there's a new killer we don't know about (like in the first seasons).
  17. I stopped reading Matt's blog a long time ago so I have to be honest, I don't really care. I'm glad he's happy and still makes music. As for people thinking he owes them anything, I honestly don't get it. I have no idea how much M+ costs or what kinds of content it gives you access to but there are plenty of paid fan clubs around and I think that's a good way to afford hosting and etc. I don't see anything wrong with it since it is YOUR choice to join or not.
  18. Thank you Ryan and Tim! I'll check all of those out (I know Minus The Bear, People In Planes and Deerhunter but all the rest I never heard of!)
  19. Alright, I'm hijacking this thread! I've been very much out of the musical loop this past year or so. Yeah, whenever an old favorite released a new album I downloaded it but I haven't really listened to any new bands. So if you'd like, I'd love it if you could recommend some new good artists that you think I'd like. As for what I listen to lately, I don't have last.fm anymore but it's been a mix of Bat For Lashes Explosions In The Sky Bon Iver The XX and various moody (mostly) instrumental movie soundtracks
  20. So yeah, I finally got around to watch this and it's great. Season 3 was kinda painful indeed but season 4 was great. I never liked John Lithgow but he was really good and of course MCH is an amazing actor. Looking forward to the new season ;)
  21. Just got back from the movies. It's fantastic and I already feel like watching it again!
  22. First of all, I was never a fan of Matt but a lover of his music. To be honest, pretty much nothing he put out since Avalanche really moved me. Of course there were good songs here and there and I did listen a lot to each and every album when they came out and also lurked his blog for demos and whatnot. But if I'm in the mood for MG music I always play the old MGB albums. I haven't even been to his blog in a year or two because I simply don't really care anymore. Not sure why it is that way but it simply is.
  23. Quick question, do you guys all still listen to Matt's music? Am I the only who feels kinda over it? I hardly ever listen to it anymore.
  24. Gmail definitely looks more professional. BCC should be available in pretty much every email program. I haven't used Hotmail in years but I've very pleased with Gmail, plus the chat is a nice touch as it's stable and not annoying like Facebook's.
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