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  1. marry me. Haha, I just noticed that. Yeah, definitely an amazing song. I just saw Minus The Bear in concert on Sunday night in Toronto. Amazing concert. I am still in shock. If you ever get the chance, check them out for sure. Anyway, while I'm here, might as well throw down a few more songs. Tortoise- The Suspension Bridge At Igazu Falls John Frusciante- Time Tonight Jimmy Eat World- For Me This Is Heaven Hayden- The Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees The Smashing Pumpkins- Thirty Three The Dismemberment Plan- Time Bomb Wilco- Muzzle Of Bees City and Colour- Hello I'm In Delaware Matthew Good- Near Fantastica
  2. That sucks so bad..... So does anyone from Sheridan have extra tickets?? ;) PLEASE...........
  3. Today, my five favorites could be........(not in order) John Frusciante- Inside A Break Phil Keaggy- Cajon Pass The Album Leaf- Streamside feat. Sigur Ros Sufjan Stevens- Jacksonville Mogwai- Friend Of The Night The Mars Volta- Cygnus Vismund Cygnus The Gloria Record- Good Morning, Providence Radiohead- Pyramid Song Minus The Bear- This Ain't A Surfin Movie Oops that is 9, might as well round it up to 10. Paco De Lucia- Almoraima I guess Matt Good didn't make the cut this afternoon. I haven't been listening to him much lately, probably because doing so would remind me of the fact that he probably will not reschedule that Starlight show, and I will not get to see him on this tour. This is not something I want to be reminded of at this point.
  4. How do you get tickets for it. It says on the site that it isn't sold out. I was supposed to go to the starlight show on the 3rd and we all know what happened to that. I really want to see a show from this tour. I think I will be depressed if I don't. If any of you have info on purchasing tickets, please let me know. Thanks. Or if any of you have 2 extra tickets, please let me know. I would buy them in a second.
  5. John Frusciante is one of the most fabulous musicians I know of. His guitar work on the upcoming album is said to be that of a virtuoso, which I have no problem believing. RHCP certainly are not dead. In fact, chances are, they are more alive than ever.
  6. Not really in order. John Frusciante- Curtains The Mars Volta- Deloused in the Comatorium Matthew Good- Avalanche Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication The Smashing Pumpkins- Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness Eric Clapton- Unplugged Minus The Bear- Menos El Oso Sigur Ros- () Radiohead- OK Computer Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds- Live At Luther College
  7. Tough call, but for me ok computer is one of the best albums ever created. It does not have a weak moment on it. I believe it to be the only radiohead album where that is the case. I am a huge fan of every radiohead album outside of pablo honey, but i have to give OK computer the edge above the rest.
  8. perhaps more than a single line, but it still probably would only qualify as one sentence: "i lost me control of myself and baby i don't want it back no i don't want to be like that if this is us in control of ourselves" "Around here, our ambition hurts more than it helps."
  9. That's actually hilarious. I laughed pretty hard at that one. I wish I had been there. I was supposed to go to the monday show.
  10. I had never thought about the answer to this question. I voted Running For Home, but that is probably only reflective of my present state of mind, as opposed to being my long-time favourite song from the album. Another day, and I may have voted differently. Great question though...it got me thinking.
  11. I believe Apparitions was the first MG song i heard. Loved it. Loved everything I ever heard from him on much music. I remember having mix CD's with load me up, strange days and everything is automatic on em. But throughout that whole time, I was primarily into hip hop (probably in grade 10-11 at the time), and never really got into the music as much as I should have. What a little idiot i was. Anyway, my first year out of highschool, in late 2002, I heard weapon on the radio while driving one night. I was like "wow". I bought avalanche the day it came out. Haven't looked back since.
  12. Lullaby for the new world order, man of action, rat who would be king avalanche weapon,
  13. Yeah I am pretty angry I missed the show. I was completely broke. I even live in Kitchener which is the worst part. It sounds like you all had an awesome time. Absolutely ridiculous. How does he do the acoustic songs. Does he play them by himself like I've seen him do with Appartiions in encores before? Or did Christian play an acoustic as well. I'd be curious to know. Thanks
  14. Great Job on the arrangement. I'm enjoying it. Quite relaxing. I wasn't sure with the intro, and then bam! Excellent job.
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