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  1. pretty similar to that one.
  2. Im trying to find this old picture of Matt. he looks really grungy in it, wearing a pair of aviators, full beard.... searched through like pages on google...... anyone have it around?
  3. Correct me if Im wrong, but did I see that tickets are only available to people who live in Toronto? Does that mean Im SOL? Im from Snottawa
  4. NOTICE: THE MATTHEW GOOD AT THE CONCERT HALL CONTEST IS EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. We apologize for the inconvenience. The contest should be up and running shortly. Got that off that website....... ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. I hope not too last minute.... Im going to need to make travel plans and get time off work.
  6. So about this Free Toronto show that is getting recorded... has anyone sent in a request to go and gotten confirmation yet? I sent in an email a day or 2 ago and havent heard anything yet. Does anyone know if it is getting recorded for a DVD? I wouldnt imagine with Massy Hall last year that it will be another live CD. Anyone know if it is going to be at Massy again? Or if it is expected to be a full show? or the Venue size? Thanks, Rhys
  7. it is not previously owned by him. just autographed by him
  8. i would say at least around 600$. Its a very nice guitar.
  9. Hello, Im selling an autographed Matthew Good Fender Accoustic/electric guitar. The guitar is in excellent condition. Im not sure of a price really....offers?
  10. yeah it was in Ottawa. Someone spray painted all over his bus. Fun times. Some people eh?
  11. ya, lastnights show was awesome! I was happy to get my favrouite accoustic guitar autographed! As well as a picture and all the cd's autographed. Really great show....although nothing from White Light or Ghetto Astronauts
  12. RhysOttawa


    Anyone have any info on the third Ottawa show? I believe it is on the 19th. But that is all i know. Cheers
  13. Matthew Good with Ginger Fish (marilyn manson) on drums, and me on guitar! BOO YA
  14. i remember a while ago, someone posted a cover of Strange Days that they did, no vocals or anything, just violin and accoustic if I remember. Anyways, loved it, and cant find the thread and tried searching for it. Anyone havea copy of that they can send me? it would be appreciated.
  15. for whatever reason, I cant open of view anyposts in that section of the forum. It keeps saying not registered or something. Anyone know what the deal is with that?
  16. anyone watch that new flick? how bad is it?
  17. try opening the fils with windows media player, and around the top there should say something like "RIP" then u can do it from there. Or just click on the drive that the CD is in in the computer, and there is an option where u can view the files on the drive, and then just copy and paste them to like desktop or something.
  18. no I dont have that reflecting god shirt
  19. Ok here goes the list. Official Releases: Portrait of an American Family, Smells Like Children, Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Last Tour On Earth, Holy Wood, Golden Age, Lest We Forget, Get Your Gun (single) Lunch Box (single) Sweet Dreams (single) Beautiful People (single) Beautiful People (single) Different then the other one Tourniquet (single) Remix and Repent Dope Show (single) Dont Like the Drugs (single) Tainted Love (single) Nobodies (single) Disposable Teens (single) (green) Disposable Teens (single) (yellow) Fight Song (single) mobscene (single) New SHit (single) New Shit (single) Personal Jesus (single) Guns God and Government (dvd) God is in the TV (vhs) Dead to the World (vhs) Doppelherz (DVD) Long Hard Road out of Hell (book) Unoffical: String Quartet tribute to Manson (cd) Birth of the Antichrist (cd) White Trash Volume 3 (cd) Marilyn Manson Greatest Hits (russian import)(cd) The World According To Manson (cd) Bizarre Festival 97' Bootleg (cd) Manson and SPooky Kids (cake and sodomy) Anthems of Rust and Decay Marilyn Manson Star Profile (cd, and collectors book) Lunch Boxes and Chocolate Cows (cd+DVD combo) Rock Am Ring 2003 DVD Birth of the Antichrist (dvd) Demystifying the Devil (dvd) About 10 random t shirts, i hoody, Disposable Teens, and Beautiful People Action Figures, two flags, ummmm.... dont remember what else..... im probly missing some things.
  20. I would deffinately want a copy of any of those. Would be much appreciated. I dont know if I would have anything to give u in return though....
  21. Does anyone know if there are any hard copy bootlegs of any Matthew Good shows going around out there? something with good quality sound and video, complete cover casing/disc image etc. on either VHS or DVD? I havent seen anything come up..... but, guess we will have to see.
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