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  1. I have a copy that was signed if you are interested.
  2. I just finished watching all four seasons of Weeds and was woundering if anyone else was into it. Any thoughts on season 5? I think they are all going to move to Mexico.
  3. I did not like x men 3. I loved the first two, however I think that they could have done a better story of the phoenix. I am loking forward to the new wolveriene movie.
  4. I dont know. The my value of it and market value are two different things. I m sure taht I think it is work more then it really is.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Anyone else agree?
  6. Again I would only sell for decent money. Also I have not idea how much this is worth.
  7. I dont really want to get rid of it unless i could make a little money. I dont think I would let it go for less then $150. Is this unrealistic? How rare is this?
  8. I also have a dined mat good Kappa soccer jersey. I was thinking of putting it on ebay, however I do not know what a going price would be. Can anyone help or anyone interested?
  9. I am thinking of posting my signed copy of black market surgery on ebay. It is in mint condition. I was wondering what the going price would be or if anyone here was interested.
  10. Will the video ever appear on Much?
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