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  1. Underdogs is really underrated. To add to your list of awesomeness from it... Inescapeable Us Indestructable Invastion 1 I like Beautiful Midnight best though.
  2. Meh, I've seen wierder. Problem is, how wierd can you go with altern acoustic tunes?
  3. Why does everyone hate on Hello Time Bomb so much? I love a lot of hs unheard stuff, but I've never known why everyone has such a problem with HTB.
  4. 1) Fated 2) Sort of a Protest Song 3) Avalanche 4) Prime Time Deliverance 5) Rabbits How did Tripoli (rooms) make it this far? HOW? I'd also like to mention that I think that the acoustic Near Fantastica that I recently heard is most definately one of the best things I've ever heard from Matt. If it was in the contest, I'd vote for it 'till the bitter end.
  5. I like your interpretation prometheon, but I dissagree with the part "Can't get shot in the back if you don't run" section. I think its leaning more along the lines of if you accept your fate, and take whats given to you, it wont be a surprise if you get fucked over. Running is trying to get away (false hope), and getting shot in the back is generally unexpected. If you just stand there, infront of the guy with the gun, expecting to die, you wont unexpectedly get shot, since you knew it was coming. Its basically saying to be ready for the worst to happen, or bluntly, pessimistic. Edit: I lost all my NF dollars when I bought the live Blue Skies and tried to download it. My computer froze and I never got to see it. =(
  6. Lo-fi version wins. I brush my teeth with the blood of virgins, far and wide.
  7. I'd have two dream concerts First one would be my psychedelic 60s-70s music for an acid headed night of musical fun... Post-Woodstock Hendrix Pink Floyd The Grateful Dead Santana (60s-70s) And then my current favourite bands because they are just as good... Matthew Good The Flaming Lips Modest mouse A Perfect Circle Mars Volta Radiohead in that order. Edit: Yikes, forgot Zeppelin, pretend you read them on the first concert list.
  8. yeah, i can see why that would bother you... especially since he's saying 'see through' and not 'simple'... ;) hahahaha. the way your worded that: priceless. I was obviously just testing you. Geez.
  9. 1) Blue Skies 2) Workers 3) Born To Kill 4) Near Fantastica I would have picked SWW over Blue Skies, but the way he says "simple" in the line "I am cheap and simple" really bothers me.
  10. I really like Rat live. Special feel to it that it doesn't get on the album version.
  11. Have you heard "Kid A"? It sounds just like it. Maybe your just not a Kid A person. This is also a good way to decifer the lyrics if you have't already looked them up.
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