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  1. I appreciate your sense of humour, but please stay on topic. Hey man, everybody is entitled to an opinion, hence there being such topics as this........
  2. In no order: Still Crazy National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Bringing out the dead Drunks Daredevil Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind Rocky III Things to do in Denver when you're dead Vanilla Sky End of days
  3. Lucas and Spielberg go without saying Francis Ford Coppola John Woo Kevin Smith Quentin Tarrantino Spike Jonze
  4. Noel Gallagher (Oasis) Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) Jeff Martin Peter Buck (R.E.M)
  5. Cheers mate for the recomendations, I'll check them out!
  6. In no order:- Emperor Palpatine (Star Wars) Fransisco Scaramanga (The Man with the Golden Gun) Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm street) Castor Troy (Face/off) Hannibal Laector (Silence of the lambs)
  7. Unless there's another movie out there called Braindead, I believe you're talking about the R rated version of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. Great movie, and I disagree strongly with you about some of the points: the script was great - it's more of a comedy than anything else and I could understand someone thinking it sucked without realizing this, the effects were good (I don't understand how you thought the effects were poor), and as far as the acting... I can't really judge that, but I think the mood came across well so I'd say that wasn't bad either. This is all just my opinion, of course. I checked it in google and you're right - it was the R rated version of Dead alive - I didn't know that so thanks for letting me know. However, I reiterate that I fully enjoyed the movie and found it hilarious hence it being my favourite horror movie of all time.
  8. Depeche Mode fan here - Precious is a great song and the album is their best since Songs of faith and devotion IMHO
  9. Master of the universe - brings back memories...........oh how I longed to be He-Man lol
  10. Its very tough, theres some great trilogies on the list but star Wars gets my vote!
  11. Love the movie, especially the cigarette, cigar, pipe bit at the start - defintely worth seeing!
  12. Possibly my favourite is a b movie called Braindead - the script was awful, the effects were very poor and the acting wasn't really that good either but I guess thats what made it so great!
  13. I was tempted to say Batman Begins but I'll have to go with Batman, the 1st movie.
  14. Cool show though - are they making another series anytime soon?
  15. Favourite actors: Morgan Freeman Zach Braff Johnny Depp Nicolas Cage Steve Buscemi Bill Nighy Mark Wahlberg Favourite actresses: Keira Knightly Winona Ryder Kate Winslet Charlize Theron Kristin Kreuk Katherine Moennig
  16. I want an owl!!!!!!!!!!! P.S I got the joke too lol
  17. Awesome song - love the simplicity of it!
  18. Finding Neverland - great film, a must see!!!!
  19. Thats fair enough, I could understand they wouldn't be to everyones taste but, as they say, to each his/her own........
  20. Hey - watched the first 2 series and loved them but missed the last one so will probably get it on DVD sometime - great stuff though!
  21. Hey! Absolutely love the show and yes, Rory is definately adorable! ;)
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