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  1. I agree with Sim... as far as the solo stuff goes... Avalanche was perfection.... WLRRR was some what dissappointing... For me it had it's moments, but overall just didn't interest me as much. I'd take Beautiful Midnight and Audio Of Being over it in a second. Considering the dramatic variation in between Avalanche and WLRRR I'm very curious if the next album (new) is a combo or something else altogether.
  2. Prime Time Deliverance Flashdance II Suburbia Symbolistic White Walls
  3. Tough one.... Avalanche and Beautiful Midnight are neck and neck for me. I was going to say Beautiful Midnight, but after looking over the songs on Avalanche again... I'm going to have to with Avalanche.
  4. 1. Bright End of Nowhere 2. Apparitions 3. Truffle Pigs 4. Haven
  5. I'm trying to download the file from that yousendit and it's only 600 kb... is this the whole song or is something wrong?
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