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  1. Yeah, I'll be at the show tomorrow night. I am very excited
  2. Yeah, I've read too many books to pick just one.. Some of my favorites are Fight Club, and Harry Potter. Complete opposites, but whatever.
  3. wow, how can one not like Advertising?? That song is amazing.. but then again, that is just my opinion.. The only song I can think of at the moment that I don't like, is Middle Class Gangsters. for some reason that song annoys me. I pretty much like everything else Matt has done.
  4. Hey guys, anyone going to the upcoming shows in Vancouver? I know I am.. ;)
  5. The first time that I listened to Rooms, I was completely blown away. It was crazy to hear how different some of the songs were from the originals. take "Generation X-Wing" as an example. I hadn't heard the original until after I heard the version on Rooms. Personally I like the accoustic version (or whatever you want to call it) better than the original. Anyways, I just wanted to add my opinion in here somewhere. He did an amazing job with Rooms. I love it. ;)
  6. 1)Prime Time Deliverance 2)Strange Days 3)Suburbia 4)Under The Influence
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