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  1. Bummer for him. Hope it's not serious and that Matt recovers from whatever it is. Bummer for me, who couldn't get tix for the Calgary show (left it too late) and then promptly arranged to fly to Toronto an dbeg a car to drive to Waterloo for tonights (postponed) concert. So Here I lie in Toronto, with no concert. Better than a hospital bed, I know. But still... Oh well.
  2. Chances of getting to the US are slim, it would seem. In a recent article, Matt was talking about the liklihood of him getting kicked out when he starts talking to media... about stuff. Pic of Thom, of the L&G at www.tblog.ca .te.d
  3. "The fucking sky would fall in, that's what" When asking (rhetorically) what would happen if you couldn't drink the water at UoC.
  4. Photos from Mac Hall are up on my site: www.tblog.ca The sound was great this year. Last appearance at Mac Hall was aweful from both stage right and mid-mid. This time, I thought it was great. There's a reason I don't stand mid stage anymore... Loved the LaG, and thought their sound was right on, at least from my vantage point. .te.d
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