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  1. I set the little people on fire ^^
  2. wait... are you saying... that the conservatives...are like nazis?! where have i heard that before.. lmao. I think I love you. XD
  3. has something to do with opium that's all I know A site I found talking about Opium, Morphine, and Heroin Not sure how accurate it is, but apparantly they all are derived from the same thing. As is Codeine
  4. One of my friends said there was a Vin Disel one, but I'm not sure where...
  5. I actually only saw them on television on some amateur cover band competition a few years back. I remember loving the name. I would SO take candy from a stranger. I mean...it's candy! Strangers have the BEST candy! (that would be a good band name XD )
  6. I've always loved looking at space. I miss camping because I loved to lay underneath the stars and watch them pass by. Though, as I heard someone say once about aliens "Why the hell would someone travel so far just to shove something up where the sun don't shine?" I think aliens are friendly and nice and huggable.
  7. Actually, according to quite a few doctors I've spoken with, Morphine should only be addictive if they give you too much of it/you take more than you're told to. If your body uses it all up for your pain you're not going to be able to get addicted to it. I've only gotten goofy off of it twice... When it was given to me in the IV was the first time and when my mom accidentally overdosed me on it. On the other hand, Codeine made me giggly as hell. O_o; I don't know if that's normal for most people or not, but it made me VERY happy. So yeah, those people aren't that smart on that site. Not that we couldn't see that anyways.
  8. I have size 12 feet. I can RARELY find cute shoes that'll fit me. I hate it. Though I'm only comfortable in heels or platforms, for some reason. Flat shoes hurt my feet so I can only wear heels. It might be because when I was young I wore them so often my feet got used to 'em. I HATE pointy shoes >_<; Just no. They make my feet feel squished.
  9. ...I couldn't laugh at it because I was so astonished at the stupidity of it all... Christ. Can I beat some of these people over the heads? Like seriously? And the manly suicide thing is AWESOME! XD I love the last one.
  10. I prefer Rufus Wainwright's version of Hallelujah to Cohen's. Actually I prefer his over all others. ;)
  11. I just saw the Excorcisim of Emily Rose and Unleashed.
  12. They laid eggs! They must have been like male seahorses or something.
  13. Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. I love that book dearly. <3
  14. Okay, my imaginary friends were....very strange. I had 3 aligators that lived under my bed. They were to protect me. And when I was 5, we went into a mexican restaurant, and I heard a mexican band playing and decided I wanted one of my own. The three of them lived under the bed with the aligators too. I was a -very- weird kid, like I said.
  15. Because everything comes in threes! Did you have a good new years? ;)
  16. Playstation 2 thin, because I broke my boyfriend's and gave him mine. >_>; We <3 Katamari Some clothes and other stuff. And also the right to order some Matt Good cd's! <3 Yay! And a shirt that has a skull, and two spoons, that says "Cereal Killer" on it, that matches the one my Mom got my boyfriend. XD
  17. 21! Yay, now my Mom doesn't have to order my drinks for me anymore. (Here it's legal as long as the parent gives the kid the alcohol.) It's good to be legal. XD
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